Check Out This New Scam Tactics And Beware!

Check Out This New Scam Tactics And Beware! - elsieisy blog

Ace Comedian, Ali Baba shared the screenshot below of a victim sharing a new scam tactics. He expressed shock that people fall for such scams but I think anyone can fall for this type. Please read and share!Check Out This New Scam Tactics And Beware! - Elsieisy blog

He wrote:

When you share some messages, like this one, amongst others, the first question I find myself asking is, WHAT IS THE VALUE OF GOING TO SCHOOL? In the first place, was the number that called you withheld? In this days of social media, you can download Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, snapchat and all the free social apps, but you can not download #truecaller Abi? Let’s even leave that.Is there a bank transfer that is not traceable? In these days of BVN? Is the SIM card not registered? Where have you heard a network provider call you to switch off your phone and leave it turned off? I am tired of people who acquire knowledge yet fail to apply same. Some will ask you for the definition of a word you used in a post and they actually remind you that you have not told them what it means. And they have safari or the likes. Download a dictionary… Nmmmmba! But they can download games that won’t save them from scammers. How do you claim to be a graduate that did R&D yet to apply some common sense is a task. The most absurd one I have heard is someone calling a lady and asking for her BVN and ATM card pin and she gave the caller all her details plus home address. Then turns to the boyfriend and starts investigating where he was last night when she called at a particular time and his phone was engaged. Some people will turn on their Jack Bauer mode… But become a blonde in other matters. How do you explain reposting a message that says if #whatsapp broadcast is not shared to 10 people, the Whatsapp features will be blocked? And people fall for it! I bet those are the same people who don’t get to read the body of bloggers’ headlines. They just see the title and make up the rest of the story. What kind of mental laziness condenses us to such gullible state? What happened to being discerning? Logical and abunnnna? Why don’t we read, comprehend and then let our minds or brains filter all the stuff we had taken it through a process of right thinking, before we begin to broadcast our ignorance? How hard is that? I don tayaaaaaa. Oghene Bikooooor!

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  1. Things like this can happen to anyone. Sometimes the mind is to busy to understand what’s actually going on. They did that to my boss and scammed him 750 airtime he was lucky sha. He sent me on an errand to benin and got a call that his relation traveling to Benin had an accident that he should send 750 card so they can make calls for help. Out of fear and all the man sent the card oh. Was now calling back the number but the person was busying the call, his friend now asked him to call me. That was when he got himself he called me and i told him i was doing ok before he now told me what happened we all started laughing about it. So let’s be watchful sha boys must survive any way na way

  2. The same thing that pops up on my mind when pple circulate bcs without taking tru the necessary thinking faculty. I’m actually of the opinion that Nigerians are becoming more gullible by the day.

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