81-year-old man jailed for attempting to rape a teenager 30 years ago

An elderly Queensland man who attempted to rape a teenager on a boat in Darwin Harbour 30 years ago has been sentenced to 26 months in jail, to be suspended after six months.

Clement Lopez, 81, pleaded guilty in the Northern Territory Supreme Court to one count of unlawfully assaulting a female with intent to have carnal knowledge.

The charge relates to an attack on a woman on May 6, 1985, when she was 19.

Crown Prosecutor Matthew Nathan SC said the victim was a guest at a hostel run by Lopez and his ex-wife in Darwin.

The court heard Lopez, and several others, went to spend a day on Lopez’s boat, stopping first at a remote beach where they drank alcohol.

There, Lopez sped off with only the teenager on board and took her to an isolated creek nearby.

“(He) intended to take her on the boat and shake her up,” Mr Nathan said.

The court heard Lopez then began asking the victim about allegations his wife was having an affair. He then ripped her clothing from her body and attempted to rape her.

In sentencing, Justice Peter Barr said the woman was struggling and screaming for help.

“You told her to stop screaming and said you would buy her new clothes if she kept quiet,” he told Lopez.

Lopez then drove the boat back to beach and collected the other people before driving back across harbour.

The victim showered, then walked to a Salvation Army hostel on Mitchell Street where, in a distraught state, she disclosed the attack to a staff member.

— Source: ABCnews

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