#5DaysToVals (2) – We Have Our Winners!

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

Yaaay! We have our winners! Thank you all so much for sharing Valentine with me on this blog by being part of the #5DaysToVals Contest. Special thanks to the participants, they particularly blew my mind.In subsequent contest on this blog, we would find ways to judge these entries rather than choose winners via number of comments only. There are awesome entries that I would have loved to claim the prizes but then, na who work hard win this one.To read all entry for this contest, please click here.Here are the 3 winners of the 28 contestants:My Love Again You Awaken by Adeyinka Joseph Alonge comes 3rd with 106 commentsLovely, Actually by Adeleke Adekunle comes 2nd with 288 commentsBroken Valentine by Ojo Blessing comes 1st with a 446 comments.Congratulations guys!Please do contact me via elsieisy@gmail.com with the same email address you sent in your entry to claim your prize.Thank you all. We do this again! 

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  1. I am so happy for this! It was not easy soliciting for comments. I nearly gave up. But thanks to my friends for their inestimable support. Much gratitude to Elsieisy for the opportunity given to upcoming writers to showcase their talents. Congratulations to me, Adeleke Adekunle, Adeyinka Joseph Alonge.

  2. Hhmm…..nice one ojo..m..tough one….i almost won..tho,..just wanted to leave it for a bro…..#things we do for brothas ??????

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