4 possible outcomes of Friends with Benefits

Yesterday I was asked what my take on Friends with Benefits (FWB) is. I saw myself typing plenty and at the end of that discussion, I decided I have a post to publish.

Basically, the term friends with benefits are used when a man and a woman are friends with extra benefits attached, usually sex.

friends with benefits

Urban dictionary defines it as – two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved.Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogomous relationship or any kind of commitment.

There have been cases of friends with benefits with sorry ending while some have gone through that lane like me just chewing bread on a normal day. Without trying to argue if this form of relationship is right or not, here are 4 possible outcomes when you are into this type of sexual relationship (Fuck buddy)


  1. No form of attraction

This is a possible situation where both party don’t catch unnecessary feelings no matter how long they remain fuck buddies. When the era comes to an end, they live their lives like nothing happened. These set of people leave their friends wondering what kind of blood flows in their veins. The buy my matter friends feel awkward on their behalf, while they just chill with their new found love.

  1. Unrequited love

fwb 2This case is very sad. Usually, one person starts catching feelings that wasn’t on the menu while the other wonders what has gotten over him or her. Like dude, we knew what this was before we started it, who borrowed you this feeling ya catching? As much as we don’t have control over who our heart chooses to fall for, Unrequited love is one of the worse kind of feeling ever and if you are the type that easily falls for a person, I advice you don’t try the FWB thingy to avoid stories that touches the heart.

  1. Happy endings

They move from just the FWB to graduate into a proper relationship which most times lead to marriage. Isn’t that sweet? This case actually leaves most ladies believing they can just be giving on guy sex and one day he will come back asking them out and then relationship starts. My dear, hang that thought. It doesn’t always work that. You can’t compare my relationship story with yours. That it worked for Bisi doesn’t mean it will work for Jennifer. Think it well before you jump into it

  1. Mumu mode activated until regret sets in

ds ones na dem dey vex me pass. Both fell for each other, but none wants to admit it. They individually decide not to voice out their feelings, filling their heads with some random quote and Nollywood movies that taught them they have seen too much of themselves to have a good chance. Until one finds another. In this case, both usually end up with wrong partners and feel sorry for the rest of their lives. Or one is left alone, hoping the other will be back someday while the other moves on with someone else and then cancels out the idea of her being with his/her FWB partner.fwbThere you have it. Before you let yourself into such relationship, ask yourself if you can handle any of the above outcomes. It’s all 50-50, non is guaranteed.friends with benefits 2

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  1. Friends with benefits is what it is. Setting ground rules helps too. But it’s mostly a transition thingies, so people should not try to dwell on it. Whatever happens there happens, the ground rules.

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