3 Things To Consider While Making Social Media Decisions For Your Business

3 Things To Consider While Making Social Media Decisions For Your Business

When it comes to making social media decisions that can affect your brand/business, we sometimes do things the wrong way or fall into the hands of self-acclaimed Social Media Managers/Consultants who are not ready to study your type of business in order to see what works and what wouldn’t.

I know how much it cost to have a PR company handle your business, sometimes, they still don’t get you the right audience you need or you just cannot afford their services and then you decide to make these decisions yourself or speak to someone who can handle it all for you at a lesser cost.

As much as we are encouraged to have a bit of presence on almost all platforms, you must find out which of these social media platforms work for you.

Being a Social Media Manager and a Blogger for about 4years have taught me that my network is my net worth. I have a team I work with and the funny part of having this team is that they don’t have to know each other.  When I need the services of a website developer, I know who to go to, when I want to have the best graphic design, I know who to go to, when I need to trend a business online or run a campaign, once the plan is drawn, I have people who are ready to make it a success as long as the price is right.

Here are 3 things you need to consider while making social media decisions for your business.

  1. Define your business

When I say define your business, I mean you have to have a clear vision and mission. Your aims ad objectives must be solid. Why are these important in making social media decisions? Whatever you put online remains online. You do not want to put out something which has the capacity to hurt your business in the long run. Your business might be small today but can become a world class brand tomorrow. Do not put out words that you or your brand cannot defend.

  1. Target market

When I attended my first Entrepreneurship school in the year 2013, these two words – Target Market, were overly used until I had no choice than to understand what it means. Understanding your target market is key to any business and is necessary for almost all decisions to be made regarding your brand/business. Who are your target market? Where are they most likely found? What are the type of words they want to hear you use? What need is your business meeting for them?

  1. Market behavior

This is very important as most business people do not take note. As much as any business can be promoted on any platform with the right tools and ideas, some business will thrive more on certain platforms with less stress. Instagram is a great option for brands that rely heavily on images, such as fashion. This simply means that if you are running a fashion business, it is advisable to have accounts on Facebook, twitter, etc and even own a blog, but you should pay more attention to Instagram.

What Social Media decision have you made to move your business or brand forward and which of the above did you consider?

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