20 Random Facts about me

I got tagged by the friendly Chantel Martha. So I have to tell you all 20 random facts about me. I did this on Instagram but I guess the blog world caught the flu. My head is kinda everywhere right now so I’ll go with Chantel’s flow…lol. Trust I will be sincere though 😀 And for those who saw my instagram post, let’s just say you will have 40 random facts about me.

  1. Internet has become my lover.
  2. I am way too hard on myself because I think this is the time to be too hard on myself. Now that I am young. Abi?
  3. I didn’t do so many things as a teenager. Like sneak out to see a boyfriend, etc…
  4. I eat water-melon every day. Well, almost everyday
  5. I am razz and local. Believe me.
  6. I drink tea every day except when I am sleeping out and don’t want to disturb my host.
  7. I hate make up. Especially the heavy ones. I love them on others when done right but they are just too heavy for me.
  8. I am a very shy person.
  9. I would rather stay indoor with food, internet and movies than go to a house party.
  10. I love roads trips. Well planned road trips though.
  11. I enjoy cooking only when I truly want to cook.
  12. I doubt am a wife material but we would have to give it a shot right?
  13. I stay mute when I am angry. I think it’s because I would cry when I speak at that point. Then if I stay mute for more than 15minutes, I am only trying to prevent the nasty things I would say from dropping.
  14. Aha! I love sleeeeep! Banke can testify. Even though I don’t get enough these days, don’t ruin it for me when its sleep time. Don’t! except you wanna cuddle though
  15. I will choose water over any drink any day any time.
  16. At first glance I come across as very un-approachable, proud and arrogant but when you get to know me I can be selfless – a total sweetheart.
  17. I have this very huge birth mark or is it God mark? Dunno but it’s kinda scary. Used to be worried about it until Banke made me love it. Thank her for me @bankyb02
  18. I am very grateful for the journey so far. However, there are so many things I would love to question God on. Who am I though?
  19. I don’t have a best friend. Simply because I want my boyfriend – fiancé – husband to be my best friend. Oh please it’s not unachievable!!!
  20. I can be very caring until my sixth sense ticks and I feel it’s not mutual.

At last!

I hereby tag




Vanessa Ating

Adorable Oma


Praiz Yadah

Ehen, I want to know my readers too. Tell me one random fact about you or something we have in common.

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  1. Me? Lol! I was actually surprised to see my name up there coz like 90% of what you said applies to me too. Thanks! I wouldn’t have pegged you for shy or for someone who stays mute for any reason, Lord knows. It’s fun to see how little we actually know people. Hm, I did a 20 things about myself on my blog some time back, oh. I wonder if anyone wants to know another 20?

  2. I see a few I would’ve never thought about you but girl I love me some watermelon that’s one fruit I can eat aand eat but it blows you up lol all that water

  3. I hate watermelon, infact I hardly eat fruits except for select few. 🙂 And we have number 16 in common. We’re both sweethearts who are taken for mean girls at first glance. Lool, done mine anyways.

  4. Shit!!! Oh!!! 20 was hard enough fa. I should probably just copy and paste most of yours tho….. Almostey things. Lol. Who is the ‘J’ that you are cuddling though?

  5. awwww!! Why am I just reading this?? lool p.s i saw your comment abou the mobile pack, I didnt understand the question. please can you mail me ?? Thanks for always supporting the blog! you have a new friend, reader and follower!! xx

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