2 special ways to tell people they have BAD BREATH

bad breath

Ehen, I promised to share how to tell people they have bad breath…very serious something because if you don’t tell them who will? Or if we don’t tell each other, how would we find solutions?

If you are kinda lost, we started from the bottom now we’re here. LOL. Ok don’t mind me, the sensitiveness of the topic is making my mind cut but I get liver sha…We started from Causes of bad breathe, to How to prevent/get rid of bad breath and now we are here. Kai!

Here we go:

  1. Be a cheerful giver – The truth about this matter is, you are trying to help a friend, spouse, family, colleague or an acquaintance. You are doing something good. Don’t feel bad because you are doing something good. No matter how bad the other person takes it, with time he or she will know you were doing him or her a whole lot of good. Now here is what you will give, mind you, do not buy half and prescribe half. If you want to do this, make it complete. Buy him or her a total mouth odor preventing kit – toothpaste, floss, antibacterial mouthwash, gum, fruits and even book an appointment with the dentist for him or her. Yes! That is the way. And while giving this gift, you must not flaunt it. Do it as subtle as possible and smile. DO NOT GIVE SUCH GIFTS AS BIRTHDAY GIFT.
  1. Say it or mail it – yes? Or what else do you want me to tell you? If you can’t follow the sweetest way ever which I stated above as 1 then just say it or mail it. You can even ping or whatsapp it. I know some of us can’t say some things to people’s face but can type anything. So use the chatting power. Say it in the nicest way possible and also suggest solutions. You can even prepare a manual on how to prevent and get rid of bad breathe and attach to the mail. Or better still, just click here to send this article to him or her. It’s that simple.


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  1. Good moring Elsie KudosNice concept.E no go easy but will try it out Tis 2nd option eh,some peeps will munch/screen grab it n keep in their archives for u…Bravo all the same Still Gerry

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