#EndSARS: 10 Phenomenal Nigerian Women Fighting Against Police Brutality

“I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.”

– Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”

For years, police brutality has been rampant with members of the police force (particularly SARS – Special Anti-Robbery Squad) infamous for abuse, harassment, intimidation, illegal arrest, violence, and murder. However, recently, Nigerian youth have been protesting, calling for an end to police brutality. One beautiful fact about the #EndSARS movement is the great role women have been playing. In fact, women have been a driving force and the soul of the protests. In this article, I will share with you a list of women who have been phenomenal in the struggle against police brutality.

1.     Moe Odele

Moe Odele is an exceptional start-up lawyer, academic, writer, investor, and creator of digital products. During the on-going protests, she has been playing a significant role in ensuring legal support for arrested protesters. Moe facilitates the release of detained protesters in different parts of the country. In her words, “My single goal is getting legal representation to every protester illegally detained.”

She tweets @mochievous

2.     Feyikemi Abudu

A business developer and entrepreneur, Fk Abudu has been handling the welfare of protesters, and she is doing a good job. From covering medical bills to providing food supplies and ensuring financial and legal support, she has been phenomenal through it all.

She tweets @fkabudu

3.     Bolatito Rinu Oduala

A media strategist, Bolatito Rinu Oduala has been a frontline activist, pushing the protest forward. She has been camping at protest points with other protesters to demand an end to police brutality. She led some youths to the Lagos State House of Assembly and camped over the night for the state’s Inspector General of police to address the protesters. In addition, she and others have been raising money to fund the protest across the country.

She tweets @savvyrinu

4.     Chioma Agwuegbo

Writer, communications and media strategist, and founder TechHer, she has offered significant support to the protests. Aside from going out to protest, she has been providing food and other forms of support to protesters.

She tweets @ChiomaChuka

5.     Kiki Mordi

Renowned journalist and feminist Kiki Mordi is doing what she is good at – fighting for a better system. She has played different roles, including gathering funds for journalists covering the protests, ensuring the good welfare of protesters, and leading both online and physical protests.

She tweets @kikimordi

6.     Funmi Oyatogun

Travel consultant, entrepreneur, and content creator, Funmi Oyatogun has been running logistics and ensuring things go well at different protest points. Providing food, security, funds, and essential items, she has contributed greatly to the progress of the protests.

She tweets @funmioyatogun

7.     Aisha Yesuf

Activist and convener of the #BringBackOurGirls Movement, Aisha Yesuf’s pictures are everywhere on social media as a leading voice heralding an end to police brutality. While she has been accused of being homophobic, her role in championing the current revolution cannot be ignored.

8.     Asanya Ndidi

Nigerian lawyer and entrepreneur, Asanya Ndidi staged a one-woman protest against the police brutality inside the National Assembly complex in Abuja. Although reported to be working in the National Assembly Complex, she was captured in a video holding high a placard with the inscription #SARSMUSTENDOW.

She tweets @AsanyaNdidi

9.     Tife Soloye

Feminist and activist, she has been involved in both physical and online protests. She is one of the feminists doing a fantastic job in fighting against police brutality.

She tweets @ladytiffs_

10.Adepeju Ogungbade (Ayoka Olowosibí)

Founder of Veggies Delight, she has contributed to the protests in her own way as a chef. Aside from doing physical and online protests, she has provided food at protests in Ibadan.

She tweets @veggies_delight

Special Mention: Feminist Coalition @feminist_co

Feminist Coalition has been a key driving force for the #EndSARS movement. From gathering funds to ensuring the smooth progress of the protests, the team has been exceptional and deserves some kudos.

All the women mentioned above and many more have contributed greatly to the progress of the #EndSARS movement, and may they always be remembered for their heroic effort.

Do you know of any other phenomenal women during the on-going protests? Kindly acknowledge their effort in the comment section. Thank you!

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