The Writing Business: Move Your Writing To The Next Level

Seun Odukoya/ the underline academy presents:The Writing Business: Move Your Writing To The Next Level - elsieisy blog‘Move your writing to the next level ‘ may sound like a cliché – but that’s the reason behind these classes. Else, what’s the point?That’s the only reason you’re attending too – the knowledge that you will get something different and worthwhile out of it. That’s the only reason you should attend.Hence, STORY WARS I.The precursory writing mashups came as a result of a need to see writers/creatives be more than their ‘situation’. You’re only as successful as your options and this is designed to give you more options by improving and diversifying your skill set.What more could you need?For details/registration click HERE


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  1. Sounds like the kind of training that I need. I know it. I will attend this. Seun odukoya, see you at “somewhere in Lagos” soon.

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