Witch doctor arrested after forcing two-day-old infant to walk

witch doctor force two day old baby to walk

The two-day-old infant is understood to have been suffering from a high fever since birth, and his concerned parents turned to the village witch doctor for treatment.The boy was treated by the witch doctor in a shockingly cruel manner. The witch doctor held the infant by the head and forced him to take a few steps even as the villagers watched on.A video taken by a concerned villager present during the ritual in the state of Assam shows the woman, believed to be in her 50s, holding the baby by the neck, and making him take several steps in front of a crowd of people.The clip was widely shared and shown to Morigoan police. The police team rushed to the spot and rescued the baby who is now in the district hospital NDTV reported that the child is now in hospital and is absolutely fine.Two women including the witch doctor had been arrested and are in Judicial custodyWarning: Viewers may find this footage disturbing

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  1. Well, that’s so isssh! How could the witch doctor do something like that to an infant? Na wa o. Aunty Elsie thanks for posting.

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