When will we forget to Charge?

I have had the opportunity of chatting with people in that place we call obodo oyibo, UK, USA and Canada to be precise. Some of them are really nice but some of them can be very annoying. Some of them feel their lives are so much better because they left the shores of this our very own Nigeria, therefore we here (home) should lick their vomits…..Na wa

Anyways, that’s not the issue.

The thing is, I have heard some of them tell me “my battery is low”. Some add the cry smiley while others just say it with an apology.

My response to this is always a surprise smiley and I am like “Do they take light there too?” (loool, don’t mind my local naija mentality)

Then they tell me “no, I usually forget to charge my phone”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Did you hear read that? They actually forget to charge their phones over there.

Meaning the low battery signal serves as a reminder for them to charge. While here, we always move around with charger plus if your daily activities or business requires you receive calls often, you had better get an unsmart phone (nokia torch light) for a long lasting battery as an addition to your smart phone collection so you won’t miss an important call.

When you open your mouth here to tell people you forgot to charge your phone, they look at you like you are suffering from some kind of ailment.

Even when it comes to ironing of their clothes they don’t bother. They only have to decide on what to wear the next day or that minute then iron if necessary.

But here? Uhmmmm, don’t dull. We are all dry cleaners.

You need to walk in on a Nigerian man when ironing his clothes. You will be forced to ask him if he now runs a laundry office. You will see shirts upon shirts.

To avoid talking too much, I will just ask a very simple question:

When will we ever forget to charge our phones?when will we forget to charge

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  1. Lwkmd, this is the sort of post that makes me start my day with a smile. So funny, I never really thought of this you know. In UK people say you should always wait for the battery to be low before charge, and unplug once charged to extend battery life. Oyibo good oh. But fear not for I come to part take in your suffering soon 🙂

    1. Hehehhe. And there goes one of those people that forgets to charge their phone. Loool. Don’t worry, I’ll do the reminding job when you get back, yeye

  2. When our government stops seeing everything has policitics, and as a means to enrich their own pockets. When they understand what it is to meet the common needs of common men.

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