Ways to Avoid Eyestrain

This age of computer and digital technology makes getting eyestrain almost inevitable. Our eyes are almost always glued to our phone screen, TV screen, or computer screen, which strains our eyes. The eyes get dry and tired from prolonged gazing at anything with bright light. This could also damage the tissue around the retina, leading to a bigger eye problem. To avoid eyestrain, there are certain precautions we have to take; they include:

·         Having a routine eye checkup

It’s essential to do this for at least once in a year. Your eye doctor will test your eyes to know if you have any problems with it that should be treated. He might ask questions like how often you use the computer and the distance between your eyes and laptop screen. Be sure to answer these questions correctly so that you would be given proper treatment.

·         Reducing the glare of light

Try reducing the glare of bright light like covering the windows, painting your walls with a darker colour instead of white, installing anti-glare on your computer screen, using a computer hood, etc. The reflections on your computer screen and the glare on walls can strain your eyes. You should also consider buying lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating if you wear glasses.

·         Making your screen easier on your eyes

You can do this by increasing the size of the text rather than drawing your eyes closer to the screen and adjusting the screen colour to a softer yellow rather than the blue. The retina has molecules that are sensitive to blue light, and according to various studies, the retina can get damaged when there is constant exposure to blue light.

·         Using proper lighting

Most office workers have complained about the overhead fluorescent light in their workplace causing discomfort to their eyes. If you can modify your workstation, do so by either reducing the number of bulbs or fluorescent tubes, or making use of bulbs and tubes with lower intensity. Block the direct reflection of outdoor sunlight by covering the window with either blinds or drapes. If you can, position your computer monitor to the side of the window rather than the front or behind it.

·         Blinking your eyes

If you think what is the need for this since your eyes blink all the time, you’re right in a way. What you should know though, is that the number of times your eyes blink when you are staring at your phone or computer screen is lesser than when you are not. Also, when you blink at this time, you don’t blink fully because the upper lid doesn’t come down all the way. Blinking makes your eyes remain moisturized, and reduced blinking results in dry eyes. What you could do is blink your eyes slowly 10 times, every 20 minutes.

·         Giving yourself a break

From time to time, try to take your eyes off your phone or computer screen for about fifteen minutes every two hours. Your eyes need to rest and stay moisturized; if you don’t give them a chance to, that’s asking for eyestrain.

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