UNILAG APROKO: Conversations By Ogbeni Human (part 2)

UNILAG APROKO: Conversations BY Ogbeni Human

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“Brother Unilag, eku readingooo.”

“Chai, you again?”

“I’ve only come to greet you na. Is there any crime in that?”

“Ok. I greet you back. Oya come and be going.”

“Calm down, why your blood dey gbonofelifeli? Coolucoolu temper like J. Martins.  Anyway, I get one question for you…”

“See, the only questions I want now na leaked exam questions. Either that or no question. Ma bimini Jamb question ooo”

“Don’t worry, I won’t frustrate you like Unilag school management. I still have milk of kindness flowing inside me. And my question may be an exam question. Who knows?”

“Oya ask quickly, I get books to read.”

“Why do people read?”

“Jehofa… which kind question be that? For knowledge na… but for us students, na to pass examssha”

“Hahaha… anyway, remember knowledge is power?”

“And so?”

“So why does it seem as if you students are a bunch of powerless people, who are about to be enslaved?”

“Guy, this is Naijaooo”

“Oh Naija…”

“Yes, Naija. Here people suffer and smile. Fela didn’t lie at all. We have become so passive that we cannot protest anymore. All the people that protested during the subsidy removal are no longer alive, I guess.”

“Or maybe their citizenship has been silently suspended as Unilagschool management has suspended ULSU?”

“Most likely. I wonder how they would have reacted if FG decides to suspend ASUU.”

“Ah, don’t go there oh, unless you want proof that a bald scalp and a big stomach can challenge the sun and the government too.”

“Hmmm… that will be an interesting sight though.”

“Hahaha, so have you signed the undertaking and indemnity form?”

“That form? Not yet. I have read that form more than I have read for exams, and I think it’s ridiculous.”

“I agree. Very ridiculous. And devoid of sanity and solicitude.Your school management reminds me of R. SarifEasmon’sDear Parent and Ogre.

“There is nothing dear about them ooo. They are simply ogre. Oga Ogre should be their new appellation.”

“Oh, if you say so. Anyway, you can continue your reading now. Let me go and mourn with another Unilag student.”

“Go well, my friend. I wish the management understands our plights like you do.”

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