The traffic jam (hold up)

 It was on a Monday morning in the little city of lagoon which had developed into a mega city with a re-branded name (Lagos).

Jimmy had woken up very early that morning in other to beat the traffic on the mainland. He grabbed something to eat from his fridge, munching it, while looking at his wristwatch at intervals. He was soon in his car driving like a formulae-one expert to his place of work.

 Jimmy was half way to the tow gate when he met a long queue of cars bumper to fender in the rush of the morning.

At the end of the day, the reason for this traffic jam might be because one driver is buying yoghurt from a roadside hawker and I need to get to work before 8am because of the board’s meeting and trip to Abuja (jimmy thought sarcastically while looking here and there, wishing his car could fly like an air plane)…

Few minutes later, jimmy’s car was still on the same spot yet a long queue of cars were already behind him.

Chaii!!! **I’m done for** he thought looking angrily at the car in front of him.

He picked up his phone to call a colleague at work, but the recipient wouldn’t pick his call. He had promised himself not to contact Lydia (a female colleague at work who had almost made him loose his job because of her seductive manners towards him) but he had no option. He dialled her number and she picked on the second ring….Hello sweetheart! (Lydia said into the speaker of her mobile phone)Good morning Lydia, have they started the board meeting? (jimmy asked politely over the phone)

Yes! And we are almost through. In 15minutes we would be off for the board trip. (Lydia replied jimmy).

By the way, where are you? She asked him.

I’m stuck in the traffic, would join you guys before the stated time (jimmy said hopefully)

He dropped his call on to find out that the traffic ahead was cleared and the cars behind were blaring their horns one after the other.He revived his car engine, jerked his hand brake and drove off like a pro… He was determined to join the others before their departure. He was about to make a turn when his back tyre deflated, jimmy was speechless yet boiling with anger… “now I know my village people are following me” he voiced out angrily…

He had a spare tyre, he could change the tyre himself but going for the board trip was a mission impossible already.

He sluggishly pulled the spare tyre from his booth, removed the deflated tyre and changed it with the spare one.

IN ABOUT 15-20minutes, He was done and on his way to work.On entering the main gate, he joined a team of journalist’s who were already in the elevator.

He wondered what the team of journalist with cameras and other recording gadgets were doing at his place of work.

The elevator took forever to get to the top floor, Immediately the door of the elevator opened, the journalist had rushed at the direction of the General manager’s office, who met them at his door.

They bombarded him with different questions…

Finally he spoke “We are sad to announce the death of our staffs who had a crash in the company’s private aeroplane on their way to Abuja for a board trip” some few minutes ago.

Jimmy was speechless as he froze at the spot where he was… “The traffic jam and tyre burst had all been a blessing in disguise” he thought as he wiped the tears from his eye.

Delay isn’t DenialDelay might be a blessing at times.Na person wey him own come last, dem dey call “Latest”.


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  1. Wheeeeew!!! Dat was close, sometimes we take somethings 2 be a bad luck instead of looking on 2 d bright side n tank God 4 d blessing in disguise….nice piece.

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