The Principles of Maintenance

As we go about our daily activities in life, we should always have it at the back of our mind that it is most profitable to focus on God and His sufficiency rather than our problems or our needs because God is our provider and He is rich beyond our dreams. One thing is clear, whatever we have now came from God and whatever we shall have in future will also come from Him. This means that if you are in a position of authority and honor today, look beyond that position and focus on God as your provider, in order to maintain that position. Are you a Chairman of Various companies? Look beyond that position and focus on God as your provider in order to maintain that position. Are you in good health today? Look beyond that good health and focus on God as your provider in order to maintain that good health. Otherwise, you will soon lose that position, business or good health because, today is yours but tomorrow belongs to God. Nobody knows by the present signs what the future holds for him.

In Mark 10:49-52, take note of the expression, “…..he followed Jesus Christ along the road.” What does this expression mean to you and I? Does it mean that blind Bartimaeus was walking side-by-side with Jesus Christ after his healing just to be seen by men, as many of us do today? No! There is more to that expression.

Today, we are in a generation without faith and hope. That is why man can do much by outward restraints but lack the character of God in their resolutions. Remember, it is common for people when sick to promise Heaven and earth but do little or nothing when healed. For instance, many often say, “Lord if you heal me of this sickness, I will not go back to my old way of life. I promise to serve you forever.” But after you are healed, you begin to run after the man of God whom God used to heal you. Very early on Sunday morning, you are already in the church sitting in the front row, so that the man of God will see you as a serious person. When it is time for praise and worship, people will see you waving your hands above your head, dancing and singing aloud. People around you at that moment would believe that you are so close to Jesus Christ. But little do they know that you are doing all these without a thorough reformation of heart and life. Soon after the service is over, you go back to your old way of life because you believe that the man of God is not there to monitor you. Remember, you are only deceiving yourself. You cannot deceive God because He knows you more than you do yourself. He knows where you are coming from, where you are now and where you are going. So, where can you go from His presence?

Does the expression, “…the followed Jesus Christ along the road.” Mean that blind Bartimaeus was following directly behind Jesus Christ after his healing? No! That is not what the Bible means here. Remember, the Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice.

So, the expression, “…..he followed Jesus Christ along the road” means that blind Bartimaeus saw the reason beyond his healing, which was the salvation of his soul. That is, he was quick to realize that when Jesus Christ healed him, He healed him effectually and Jesus Christ did so for the salvation of his soul. When Jesus Christ heals you, He heals you effectually; He does so for the salvation of your soul. In other words, the expression, “…..he followed Jesus Christ along the road.” Simply means that after blind Bartimaeus was healed, he chose to make God’s word the standard for his life. That is, he knew that he was healed by Christ’s word and he must be ruled be His road in order to maintain his healing, knowing that Christ and the word are one.

Remember, Christ heals, delivers, redeems, blesses and saves through His word and by His spirit. He does nothing without His word. In fact, Christ Himself is with us in the living word. After blind Bartimaeus’ sight was restored, he clearly understood the principles of maintenance. I mean, he knew that to receive healing is not as difficult as to maintain it. He was clever enough to discover that he needed God more when he could see than when he was blind. In other words, he knew that if he did not make the word of God the standard for his life, that healing would leave him worse off than he was before the healing. In God’s words, there is healing, deliverance, Salvation and all of God’s blessings. When you are healed or blessed by God’s word, make His word the standard for your life. I mean, make sure you are ruled by Christ’s word. Otherwise, that healing or blessing will leave you worse off that you were before that healing or blessing.

You need God more in good health than in sickness. You need God more in freedom than in bondage. You need God more in blessing than in poverty. You need God more in supply than in want.

When your needs are met, stay true to Jesus Christ till the last moment. Because your enemy loses no time in plotting against you, you also should lose no time in committing lose time in committing yourself to God through prayer. Therefore, after your healing, blessing and the like, you still have to remain standing for Jesus Christ. Remember, if you cannot stand up for something, you will definitely fall for something. There is no neutral ground. In other words, if you cannot stand up for our Lord Jesus Christ, you certainly will not be able to stand against satan and his demons. Remember, there is no neutral kingdom.

It is essential to see the reason beyond the healing, deliverance and blessing you are praying to receive. The salvation of your soul should be the only reason, which gives a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember, blind Bartimaeus, who was healed by Jesus Christ saw the reason beyond his healing – which was the salvation of his soul. This means that he personally sought for a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. He was quick to realize that a lasting relationship with Jesus Christ is healing forever, deliverance forever and blessing forever! He chose to allow Christ’s word to abide in him and he in it. He knew that embracing the source of the healing itself – because rejecting the source of the healing means rejecting the healing itself.

Indeed, blind Bartimaeus embraced the principles of maintenance and never let them go. Therefore, when you are healed, delivered and blessed, make sure you embrace the principles of maintenance just as Bartimaeus did and never let go of them. I mean, let His word abide in you and you in it. Never let go!.

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Have a blessed week and also strive to maintain these blessings I see coming your way.


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