The House – 33 (R-18+)

The house

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Boka….This girl wan koba me oo. Why she go send nurse call me for where everybody take gather? Wetin she wan talk oo? Shebi we don settle before I travel. Well nothing dey happen, no shaking. Anything she wan talk, she go talk noni.

I follow the nurse reach the ward where Yemisi dey close eye say the Lord’s Prayer before I enter. See as she lie down for bed like better person, why that babe no even stab am well die sef?..

“I don help you call am, na him be this”…The nurse talk..

Yemisi manage carry head look up, as she see me na so she hiss. No be good sign be that o. Dem don wrap bandage abi na clothe around her belle. Na just bra she wear, down part of her body dey covered with white cover clothe. The nurse turn comot for the room, remain just me and this witch.

“So if I no send them call you, your common sense no suppose tell you say you suppose enter come see me abi?”…She don start.

“Nobody know say you dey awake, we think say dem dey do surgery for you ni abi you dey unconscious”…

“Na your mama go dey unconscious, you hear me Boka. Na your mama!”

“Ahan, no vex. How you dey feel?”….Make I sharply do better

“No ask me yeye question. You don take care of the hospital money?”

“E b like say Sesan and Wahidi wan pay am”…abi e be like say na wetin the two idiots bin dey discuss be that.

“Sesan and Wahidi? Shey na Sesan and Wahidi fuck me give me belle? Ehn! answer me, Boka. Shey na them dem climb ontop me dey do like horse?”

“But no be only me fuck you without condom na, Bode and Ben dey there na”

“Ehen if dem dey nko, I never help cover you reach? Abi you wan make I go tell Uti say no be Bode get the belle say na you?”….

This girl don dey craze small small o, tell Uti say na me get the Belle..for wetin na?..

“Abeg no vex..wetin you want?”…..

Bode…..I hate double journeys, totally forgot I left my wallet at home. Had already gotten to an ATM and was about pulling out my wallet for my ATM card when I felt empty pockets. To say the way I was felling right now was simply out of it.

Walked the long distance back home feeling really sorry for myself, this wasn’t the way I thought I was going to be living when I was coming to Lagos. Fine, I had gotten a job but living in the house alone is another job. I most definitely can’t keep two jobs. What am I to do? I just wish I could even confirm if that crazy girl was pregnant and if the baby was actually mine. All that would have to wait nine months and ish. Well that’s if I am not dead in before the nine months due date.

Finally made it to the house tired as can be. I pushed the gate and started making my way round the back. As expected it was as silent as a graveyard, those not at the hospital were the ones that had travelled or some shit. Been tempted to just enter the room and crash for a while on bed. I was really that tired…funny, when did Ben get back? There were two bags placed by his door…He had probably gottenhome seen no one, had called Sesan or somebody and heard everyone was at the hospital and had rushed down there.

Crazy guy, let me help carry his bags into our place before some else comes around and ransacks them. I picked up one of the bags and was about lifting the second when I heard something that sounded like a moan. I paused, cleared my head and calmed my mind. I heard it again loud and clear and it sure was coming from inside Ben’s room. I dropped the bags and moved closer to the door. It was a pretty familiar voice…Latifah! Latifah was fucking Ben!!!

I took a few steps back from the door this was crazy, I heard a sound that was like a slap and I knew I had to find a way to peep in. I moved to the wall, my back all flat against it and slowly started tip-toeing towards the window. Boka would be so proud of me right now I believe. I knew I couldn’t stand across the window else my shadow would be reflected in the room so I bent down and crawled over to the other side, managed to stand up and take my first peep.


Latifah was bent over Ben’s bed naked for all I could see and he was standing behind her, his trousers pulled all the way down to his knees as he was ramming into her like there was no tomorrow. He spanked her ass hard and I knew where the slap like sound had come from. She didn’t make a sound as she was now biting his bedsheet. Was I meant to be mad or aroused?…

I didn’t need ask for long, my dick had answered for me, I was hard as a rock. I pulled my legs close, I definitely couldn’t wank out in the open even though there was no one in the compound.

Ben used a hand and pressed her head deep into his bed as he started going faster, think he was going to cum soon or so. He started spankingher there was no tomorrow!

“Lati, your pussy oo!!! “He groaned out loud as he pulled out and came all over her ass. The guy wasn’t even using condom, darn! He slapped her ass one more time as he collapsed on the floor. I quickly moved away from the window as Latifah mumbled something. I paused to catch my breath and looked down at my short which had my pre cum stains all over it. Bode, you aren’t a kid na.

I was about crawling across the window when I heard…

“How far, you know where Sesan dey?”….a husky voice sounded rightin front of me. I looked up to see Loco sitting on a bucket a few metres away and from the look of things he had been sitting down there for a while. Had he been watching me as I was forming spy?

“H-h-he is at the hospital”…I said loud enough for him to hear and I was pretty sure the two fuckers inside could hear me too.

“Oohh ok, I no know say him sick o. Tell sorry for me”..

“Oh ok, no problem”….Thank God, I am sure he didn’t see much. I turned around to leave. Let me come go get my card and go to where I was meant to go jejeli.

“Hey, wey you? show, make i see you”…His voice came again.

“Who, me?”…when I was sure it was me he was talking to.

“No, na your kindred spirit I dey call. Bobo come jare, make we reason”…..

This wasn’t going to be good I said to myself as I moved closer to him.

“Guy wetin happen be say e get one ticket wey I wan play before Watford/ManU start but I short five hundred. How you fit help?”…..

This was it…this was the blackmail. I definitely wasn’t going to last nine months in this kind of situation. I stayed calm as I explained to Loco that I had no cash at hand but if he wouldn’t mind following me to the ATM,I wouldn’t mind ‘helping’..

Bode, why does it always have to be you?! Why?

Written by Bass Ige; Tweet @Bass_ige

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  1. This is a really nice. Am always looking forward to read about the escapades in the house. Reminds me of days in school, how we do yab ourselves.

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