stay by deoye falade

By Deoye Falade

I can’t see youBut like lovers in a long-distance relationshipI feel you more than words could tellYou’re in meYou feel off me.

Like a static sunAn unpeturbed stallionYou don’t turn or kick oftenLike the others did before they washed out

Still there’s energyQuiet but coursing throughLike the lazy rumble of an idling sports car.

I could be wrongYou might be like the othersSoon I might look downAt the part of me that used to be your homeBaby bump gone

I could be rightThat you’re here to stayThat you’re not some impatient sprinterOne who jumps the gun only to be disqualifiedEvicted from your race to life before it’s begun

I could be rightThere’s so much life within youYou just might have found a home within meI just might have found some hope in youAnd just this time, I believe you’ll stay.

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