Squats don’t give bigger bums

Do people really think squats give bigger bum? Squats don’t give bigger bums. But if we tell you that, we would spoil business for gym owners. So yeah, keep squatting your big bum is on the way.

Do people really think squats give bigger bum? Squats don’t give bigger bums. But if we tell you that, we would spoil business for gym owners. So yeah, keep squatting your big bum is on the way.

You people don’t know that even reality TV shows are stage-managed. They don’t tell the truth. What Kim, Kylie & Khloe has as bums came surgically. Don’t get carried away by the Kardashians. What they have is the handiwork of amazing plastic surgeons. All the squatting is by the way.

What squatting does.

Just like any exercise, squatting is to build muscles. What you call ‘ass’ is essentially fatty tissue. Squatting can NOT increase it. People that will have big backsides have it effortlessly. Squatting only makes the bum firm.

These things are dependent on genes, race & other things beyond your control. Why do you feel girls with big backsides feel ashamed about it when it gets to a point? Simple, they have it without any effort or squatting. Ghanaians generally have unimpressive faces & big backsides. Why do you think that is so? You think squatting is the national exercise in Ghana?

Like I said, squatting only makes the bum firm, whatever the natural original size is. Squatting is never going to increase the size in the way you assume. The argument that squatting can make the bum bigger like dumbbells make the arm bigger is to be ignored. The fact is parts are not the same. There are places in the body; breasts, bum, abdomen, thighs etc. where fat naturally deposits. This is usually genetically determined. The simple implication of that is that if you come from a family where the women have big bums, it is almost certain that you will have same and vice versa. If on the other hand, you are from a family where the women have small bums, squatting isn’t going to change anything. That is the honest truth.

A big backside, just like acne (pimples), in almost all cases, is genetically determined. It is not something that you really have a choice about. Just like stretch marks or acne, you can buy all the creams in the world, you will realize later there’s little you can do about it actually.

If you are in the gym because Kim Kardashian made you think it gives bigger bum, then you just set yourself up for depression and sure heartbreak. Whoever is going to like you will like you for you. Get in the gym because exercises are good for your health. Not because squatting increases bum. Those who sell creams for stretch marks will never tell you it’s a waste of time, so gym owners will never admit squatting won’t increase your bum. Why do you think white women, who by the way have better gyms & squat more, NEVER have big natural bums like African women? You think they don’t want?

Big backsides is completely a genetic thing. Squatting isn’t going to modify your genes. It is like skipping thinking it will increase your height. If you have a big bum, nice; but don’t give any wrong impression squatting made it so.

Please, go to the gym. Keep going actually, at least I know it improves your overall health. But that it will increase your bum? Please, don’t be kidding. Most of our grandparents and women before them had big backsides. They never squatted or did any such thing. You people are being carried away. Assumption is gluteal muscles build up like chest/arm muscles. It is not true though. But they keep ladies squatting, not to burst their bubbles.

Like I earlier opined, squatting makes the bum firmer, giving the illusion that it’s bigger. It will never give a drastic increase like you thought because squatting focuses on the gluteal muscles and makes the bum firmer. So certainly, the firmness gives the feeling that the bum is bigger. The “firmness” from squatting, and the overall fitness from exercising, gives the illusion of a bigger bum. In reality, it’s the same bum. The only way to have a really big bum is either naturally, or through surgical enhancements. But you can squat for years before admitting it. There’s a lot of deception & myths that surround the big bum & how to get it. I once heard a particular sex position gives it. Imagine that! The big bum is essentially and primarily a product of fat deposition in that region. And that is totally beyond the control of squatting. How can you say a sex position makes it bigger? A lot of girls have been taken advantage of, in the elusive chase for the imaginary bigger bum. Pregnancy is going to do for your bum in 9 months what squatting will never do in 5 years because with pregnancy comes fat deposits everywhere.

Some things have been so widely believed without any real basis that once you challenge it, you practically demolish the world of some people. Please, understand me, squatting is good. It builds your thigh muscles, makes your bum firm (whatever its natural size) but NEVER drastically increases it. An intelligent person asked a very good question. If squats really increase the bum, how come some people do it but yet still have flat bums? Have you seen female weightlifters, professional boxers & female athletes? Many of them have small bums. Can you ever gym/squat as much as they do? Female bodybuilders, weightlifters & athletes practically live in the gym. Many of them have small bums. That is the truth about squatting.

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  1. you could have tried going on and on about the firmer side other than going on and on about bigger bums.Most times…when people start a squatting craze…they are in a gym craze. so yes…they loose weight. it is the same bum. but a stronger firmer…more beautiful butt. Squating is good! Whether you like it or not! Apart from that, it isnt just squatting. There are SEVERAL bum exercises. SEVERAL! And several gym trainers wld tell u….there is a difference btwn Kim’s butt and a butt tgat has been worked on. Check IG just check @motivationforsquats. you’d see several pictures my dear. Then u can choose whether you like the before than the after. in addition…fat tends to be wobbly. when u squat and do bum exercises…like EVERY OTHER exercise u burn fat..work on ur muscles and it becomes firmer. muscles grow…and become shaped better. That is what happens to the bum. it gets finer. To get a better body…u have to work out..simple! Do your lunges…do ur bum squats..normal squats..pick stones..run the threadmil..do ur stretches…crunches. People dont work out cos they hate their body..it’s cos they love it. And that is my fifteen kobo. Thank you.

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