#ShortStory – A spike on a read-out

#ShortStory - A spike on a read-out - elsieisy blog

God still speaks to me in red.A red traffic light tells me to stop in the middle of an empty intersection.A figure on red Jordans walks briskly towards my car and slowly taps the window pane.They say what doesn’t kill us makes us bitter,Most time it’s because we never find the will to be stronger.

I’m walking home now, on the curb, wondering how comfortable the person who just snatched my car must be, resting their feet on my accelerator and listening to Adekunle Gold’s album from my stereo.The cold is renting and the night is fifty shades.Luck meets me at the end of the street in form of a red taxi looking for one last fare. I hop in, like fresh fish released back into water.Life has its ups and downs, something like an IR spectrum.It has its stretches and vibrations. Somehow we all make it back to ourselves after all the excitation.I work in a hospital, so the next morning I hitch a cab. Questions of what happened to my car are answered with a smile and “yes, I walked to work, its good exercise, you should try it too!”“There’s a patient who’s flatlining right now doc!”I hurry into my OR only to be greeted with shock. I see a pair of red Jordans leaning on the wall, the same ones from last night. After a few “charge!” and “clear!”s, I catch glimpse of something miraculous. A spike on the read-out screen.I look up to observe the patients face properlly. It was Zainab’s.My heart sank. Where did I fail at parenting?Image source – english.binus.ac.id

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