Short people are likely to develop heart disease

A team of scientists in Britain’s University of Leicester has found out that the smaller your height, the greater risk you have of heart disease.

Scientist researched two million people to detect that part of DNA which controls the height and heart health.

The research results showed with the increase of every two and a half inches in height, the likelihood of heart disease is reduced to 13.5%.

The British Heart Foundation said the people of small stature should not be unnecessarily worried and because with a healthy lifestyle this risk can be reduced.

50 years ago it was learned that the tall height has a key role in heart health, but researchers do not know why it had to be.

It also involve many other reasons, such malnutrition in childhood may impact on the height of a person that in turn affects heart.

But University of Leicester research shows that the answer is within our DNA.

They observed 180 genes were identified whose height was concerned.

‘I would not say that short heighted people should be more cautious because six feet one inch tall person needs to give up smoking as well’ ,says Nilesh Samani, a cardiologist at the University of Leicester in the U.K.

 Source – Thenewstribe

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