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One can’t really help but get distracted during Malcom’s class. Well, I’m a very disciplined student for starters, and I’ve got a good class ethic; but whenever Malcom is in class, I can’t help but drift away easily.

With a funny shaped head like the proverbial dickhead, and moustache that looks like Herbert Marculey’s in that one Naira coin, you can’t help but chuckle whenever he teaches. Not that my own head is better, but I can’t think of swapping heads with Malcom; It’s not even possible.

Joking aside, the man looks like a clown. His class would have been near perfect – I mean, who doesn’t like to have a laugh once in a while – but for the impromptu tests and attendance. The fact that I always drift away in his class made it a big deal. I always wince in despair whenever he stretches his hand way to the top of the board to scribble down the word ‘TEST’ in bold font; A little devil he is!

No matter how hard I try, I’ve always been caught unawares. Don’t get me wrong, not that I’m trying to brag and all, I always come out tops in most of my work and I’m among the most well behaved in my class ( Its not even close to bragging! Duuh!). So imagine how the rest of the class have been finding it hard as well to concentrate in his class?? Well, some people will always try to put sand in your bowl of garri.

As a good student, I’ve got my vices too and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I spend so much time on social media as well as gamble unnecessarily. I like girls too, but I hate to admit that. The list is by no means exhaustive but we can move on right???

Oh yes!

This particular day is a peculiar one. For the first time in Malcom’s class, I am not looking and getting myself amused by his laughable features – his ass, dickhead, funny face etc; I’m bothered by something else. Something far more valuable than the clown that is before me (well, not that clowns are worth much anyway); I had one of those stupid moments. My adrenaline rush got the better of me. I’m facing the music of my youthful exuberance. Well, I have a chance till the very end.

Otis skipped class for the first time in years. I couldn’t envisage he would miss Malcom’s class of all classes. He used to be his favourite lecturer and he always did well in his tests. How he doesn’t get distracted is still a mystery till date. Him skipping the class isn’t a big deal; What the big deal is, is the reason why he skipped the class.

It is so clear to me, I fear the worst and I’m not mentally prepared for it. I heard there was a new supermarket in town. Its all over major cities bar Benin until recently. Shoprite by name; I heard its one of the biggest modern super-shops in Nigeria. That is where Otis will be! Maybe he has taken the game to another level; maybe a bit desperate but its worth it.

While I’m thinking about Otis and his escapade, my mind take another dimension in its own frantic effort not to pay attention to Malcom’s lectures. The scholarship I got from MTN, over 200 thousand Naira has almost been exhausted; the last 20 thousand is on the verge of determining how the rest of my semester will be. I’m done with the thought when I get distracted by a MMS from Otis. It reads:

‘I’ve won the bet fam! Whoop whoop! I’m 20k richer!! Bless up!’I manage to scroll down without breaking a sweat and I see the killer blow:

A picture of a bottle of coke with the inscription: ‘Share a coke with Otis’

I try to pull myself together, I just lost a foolish bet to Otis, I had thought I would see mine first; I mean, Mark is an english name and its far more popular than Otis! Soon I’m sweating profusely while my head is on my desk still trying to look at the phone beneath hoping everything will disappear.

After a short while, I’m convinced nothing will change; Simply put, I’m completely devastated and decide to raise up my head in shame. But then, I see old man Malcom standing in front of the board. He has finished writing the word ‘TEST’ on the board. I can feel my stomach churning, I flinch in agony; I haven’t gotten a thing from his lectures.

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