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On this 10th episode of Reviews on the couch and Elsie Godwin is joined by a Creative, Writer & Director – Olu Yomi Osasanya and a Blogger, Media Entrepreneur and the owner of ScentHQ – Moji Delano as they discuss The Fisherman’s Diary. Watch full conversation below:

The Fisherman’s Diary Description – The Fisherman’s Diary is a 2020 Cameroonian drama film. The film was Cameroon’s submission to the 93rd Academy Awards for the category of International Feature Film. It had 9 Nominations at 2020’s AMAA in categories including; Best Actor, Best Director and Best Cinematographer. The Fisherman’s diary was also was nominated Best Feature film at the 2020 Paris Art and Movie Awards. It follows the story of a young girl, Diana Ekah, who harbours dreams of a formal education. But standing in the way of this 12-year-old is the patriarchal agents of her father and his brother, who are bent on making sure that does not happen.

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