Read Hilarious APC achievement in the past 4days

Disclaimer/Editors note: This piece doesn’t represent the view of Elsieisy and every other contributors of this blog but solely that of the writer as shared on her (Viola ifeyinwa) Facebook wall. Was sounding very hilarious until I got to the bomb blast segment. May all souls lost find peace as we hope to get past the Bokoharam menace. Dear president, welcome back and please get to work.Good morning NigeriaRead Hilarious APC achievement below: Being my brother’s keeper, helping the APC tabulate the achievements of the past 4 days.

  1. Buhari slept in Blair house.


  1. Buhari created a new political party


  1. Rochas took a picture with Obama


  1. Rochas slept off at a meeting


  1. Oshiomhole’s pocket was bulging with our money


  1. Nigerverdian women were represented at the meeting


  1. Buhari confirmed he is plagued with memory loss


  1. Buhari shook hands with Obama


  1. Buhari answered questions fired at him by Amanpour


  1. Amanpour understood Buhari


  1. Buhari said No to gayism


  1. Buhari has unlocked the secret of feeding 5,00 with 5loaves and 2 fishes


  1. While surrounded by thieves, Buhari kept a straight face while assuring us he would prosecute thieves within his own party.


  1. While Nigeria was in America on the historic, ground breaking, Guinness World Records making visit; America was in Kenya to discuss progress.


  1. While Buhari was away, bombs kept dropping daily, Nigerians kept dying daily.

Jara: While Rochas was subliminally usurping the office of the VP, Mr. Commissioner was back here in Nigeria meeting with National Union of Road Transport Workers.Poor man. You signed up to be VP and are left out of important meetings when it is clear to see that you are the brightest brain in the administration, the shiniest coin in the piggy bank, the sharpest knife in the drawer.No problem, keeping the motor park touts happy is also all in the interest of Nigeria’s well being.So, as you can see, in less than 100 days in office, Buhari has achieved what Jonathan could not achieve in “6” years.Tenkiu. 

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