See why You Are Angry At People Who Can Afford Something You Can’t


Alibaba shared this on his Instagram page:These words rang in my head since I came upon them. Played them back in my head in different ways. 

  1. Don’t count your chicks before they are hatched.
  2. When you get to that bridge, cross it.
  3. You must crawl before you walk.
  4. A child learning to walk doesn’t ask how much caskets cost.
  5. To each it’s kind.
  6. Cut your coat according to your cloth.
  7. Everything has its season…

 Now let me put this together. You cannot ask why the questions in SS3 are so hard, because they are not meant for a JSS1 student. Just as you cannot be an entry level banker and you are asking why you don’t earn the same salary as the GMs or EDs or MD. If you decide to go to the UK by air, & buy an economy ticket, you cannot be complaining of how the business class and First class tickets are too expensive. That also explains the differences in the cost of a Rolls Royce and Kia Rio. They are for different people. When the Rio people begin to complain about the cost of the Rolls Royce, then it’s a case of misplaced vent and total waste of energy. Or the Rolls Royce people asking why there is a Tokunbo car for 600k. Is it your Tokunbo? The reason you will continue to be angry at people who can afford something you can’t afford is because you don’t mind your business. There is a 2bedroom house for 800k in Ikeja that you can afford, but you are complaining of the 3.5m 2BRm in Lekki. How E take concern you? Lagbaja bought his land 160m, built it up with 65m. You know that but question why the rent is 3.5m. Your ikeja house+land was finished with 40m. Simply put, the Lekki place is not for you yet. As aspiration yes. Same thing applies to a lady who is used to certain lifestyles. She flies business class as minimum. You are now calling her high maintenance. Or she doesn’t like to eat at GHANA HIGH. Can you hang your shirt where your hand can reach, or just accept the realities? A wrist watch is 2m, he can afford it, he buys it. It’s too expensive for you. Fine. Don’t beef. Buy a Casio, & tick off! Well as long as you are not paying for the expensive lifestyle, it’s ok. If tickets to a show is 2m, but you can afford the 20k ticket, stop beefing the guys on VVIP. They are not for you. QED

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