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The Shadow

The shadow - elsieisy blog

Hello Elsians, I’m writing this fictional work to someone close to my heart. Did i hear you say her? Haha! Not just her alone but to you my amiable and ever-diligent audiences. Read, Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment. THE SHADOW  I know you will... Read More

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Healing Yourself

healing yourself - elsieisy blog

Are you going through emotional hurt? Does it seem like love has failed you or your emotion is running weak? Do you feel disappointed in the one you placed your love, hope and faith? Do you feel like a trailer-load of weight just rammed through your... Read More

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My Supposed Heaven

by Joseph Chimezie. I watched my Mum pack my clothes, my best clothes especially, slowly and well folded. One by one, she put them inside the box she had bought for me the previous day. “Don’t just stand there, dress up! ” “But, Mom, is it... Read More

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