Promise Card


Growing up as a child in that family of four still remains the best part of my life. What a wonder! Everything I do seems to remind me of my mother. A Disciplinarian and that’s putting it mildly; You dare not make a mistake. The word mistake... Read More

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This year came to an end real quick I guess. or maybe it seems so when you trying to achieve things that doesn’t seem forth coming.I remember being so optimistic at the beginning of this year 2013.I was sure to get a good job, a car, a better... Read More

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  May you and all your loved ones share all the lovely Joy Christmas brings. HERE IS WISHING YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. LOVE WAS BORN AT CHRISTMAS. LET LOVE LEAD. I LOVE YOU ALL! SEND MY CHICKEN PLEASE :| THANKS IN ADVANCE. :D Click HERE... Read More

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Smelly Pussy

smelly pussy

Today I’ll be talking about the female organ. The VAGINA. The VAGINA, is a sex organ and has two main functions: sexual intercourse and childbirth. I’ve heard guys/men talk about smelly VAGINA (VAGINAL odour). I never believed a thing like... Read More

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