New Level Unlocked

TeaTime on PlusTV Africa Anchors - elsieisy blog

Hey fam, I have been really busy with my event – Digital Media Talk and every other thing i do. But I am finally back. Here is a short video for your viewing pleasure. I hope to be as regular as pledged. LOL Watch Below:   Click HERE to... Read More

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Two Tales

two tales - fiction - Elsieisy blog

Her mother’s departure was her initiation. “This world has nothing to give you, stop expecting so much” Those were her final words before she took the long walk and never returned. It was a cold rainy evening, in a room by the... Read More

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Night Bus

Night bus - elsieisy blog

I’ll be travelling for nothing less than 15hours. It’s meant to be a 10-hour journey but put in all the Nigerian factors; bad roads, pot holes, check points that are actually extortion points, car breakdown etc. We will definitely be... Read More

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