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I don’t know if it’s just me or the part of Lagos I reside but the unreliability of POS billing system has increased in these past weeks. You walk into a place of business to transact and the first thing you are welcomed with is the fact that the... Read More

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The River

river - elsieisy blog

By Victoria Ige She sat by the window and looked out. The sky was a faded blue, the air cool but dry. They called it harmattan season. She turned to a photo of herself at the opposite side of the room – smiling shyly, cute. “Two”, she... Read More

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Being Mrs. Michael

being Mrs michael - elsieisy blog

Love and pain, which is stronger? Loss and longing, which one beats the other? Today, it’s just me and these walls, silence and the ticking of clock mum gifted me on my wedding, she said her own mother gave it to her. It is after serving Michael his... Read More

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