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#50DaysCountDownTo2015 – DAY 26. Written by Da goddess.

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Guess I wasn’t the only one smitten by our new patient. Yemisi couldn’t construct a sentence without somehow including him in it. I was so happy when I heard he was to be admitted. Following the doctor’s order, the best room was prepared for him. His test result came back and he was diagnosed with Lupus nephritis an inflammation of the kidney caused by systemic lupus erythematous. It was detected on time so he wasn’t in danger.  One couldn’t help fussing over him and I prayed for an opportunity to visit his room just to glance at his face even if it was for a minute. But I just had one chance to do so before my shift came to an end.

His wife was by his side like a mother hen protecting her chicks, scowling at me as I entered the room with the doctor. And there he was lying on the bed with his head on the pillow all stretched out still looking strong despite his medical condition. He had changed to his pajamas, a lovely blue pajamas. The doctor asked him some questions while I took down notes. Our eyes met and held for some seconds but I quickly averted mine before his wife will notice. My shift was coming to an end and I couldn’t wait for the cock crow to see his face again. What was wrong with me sef. This man is married. Oh well!!! I don’t think there’s anything bad in looking is there? Let’s put it this way, he is a really nice lovely scenery and I was just enjoying the view, no harm done and non-intended. I wish I was on night shift so I could view more of the scene.

I got home around 8pm and just couldn’t wait to have a cold shower, eat, fold myself on my couch and watch Telemundo till sleep calls me to the other side. Thank God there’s light, I wouldn’t want to miss Body of Desire. There was no fuel in my ‘I pass my neighbor’ generator and I didn’t have the strength to walk down to the filling station. Just as I was about turning my keys in the lock I heard footstep behind me. I turned spotting one of the neighbor’s daughter at my back

Good evening Aunty Nurse

Rose, you gave me quite a scare, good evening dear. How are you?

Fine thank you Aunty. Welcome back”

I opened the door and walked in

ehen thank you jor

She was still standing there timidly.

Is everything alright” I asked her

Her voice shook as she replied

Please I need your help. Can I come in please?” her eyes darted to the left and right, before she entered my room following my beckoning hand

She sat down with me on the sofa and started crying. Oh oh!!! What’s the problem now? There could be only one thing that’ll make a teenage girl secretly seek out a nurse. My God!!! I hope she’s not pregnant.

Rose what is the problem? Why are you crying?

Suddenly she stopped, with a trembling voice told me the reason for her tears. She had gotten herself involved with this young man of about 24 who’s a student in Lagos State University and after constant pressures from him she gave in. They’ve been sexually active since last year, about five months ago she started having itches in her vagina. She didn’t think much about it but with time it got worse. Then came discharge along with scratching.

You said this happened five months ago?

With head downcast “Yes Aunty

Wow!!! And for five months you’ve been having vaginal discharge and itching?

Yes Aunty

Why did you have to leave it for so long?

I can’t tell my parents. My dad will kill me

You should have thought of that before having sex I said to myself

What about your boyfriend?

More sobs “When it started itching me I told him and he said it means my body needs more sex” at the word sex she covered her face shyly. I smiled, she continued “And so we just kept doing it every single day but it only got worst“Kids!!! Children!!! Teenagers!!! I wonder what their parents teach them at home. They keep yelling and threatening them about sex. Don’t have sex, don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t they know that they eventually will? They forget to tell them to protect themselves. Not that I’m saying parents should allow their kids have sex but at least prepare them for it. 90% of children defile their parents especially on sex issues so enlighten them making sure they play safe when that time comes cause believe me the time will come. I wished my parents had spoken to me this way, I believe I would have been really careful and wouldn’t have gotten pregnant.

Aunty it’s so bad now that I have to wear a pad everyday

Damn!!! I took her hands in mine “Don’t worry everything will be alright Rose. I understand why you can’t tell your parents. Your father being a pastor, your mum the wife of a pastor and you the daughter of a pastor. Your dad is expecting you to lead by example to the teenagers in the church, still you’re only human, flesh and blood. Guys can be deceptive when it comes to what they want. They’ll say anything, do anything to get it. Now I’ll help you but from now on, promise me that if you must have sex you’ll insist that the boy uses a condom. Who knows how many girls he sleeps with for Christ sake. Promise?

She wiped a tear as she replied “Aunty I promise

I went into my first aid kit and brought out a cotton swab in a small container.

Take this, insert it into your vagina tomorrow morning, then bring it here back to me before I leave for work. I need that vaginal swab so a test can be carried out in order to know what we’re treating before medication will be given. Ok

She collected it from me then knelt down thanking me.

Please stand up. The only thing you can do for me now is stay away from that boy or any other for that matter, focus on your books, read hard, make your parents proud but if you can’t resist the urge for sex please and please use a condom. If you had used one this wouldn’t have happened. Or don’t you know it can destroy your womb?

Good I could see fear in her eyes

Aunty I promise, never again. I’m so ashamed of myself

After she left I took that cold shower, tucked myself on my sofa, watched telemundo as I planned and before 11pm I was in Paris a place I always dream of.

The next day back to work. First I dropped the sample at the lab then placed myself at my duty post. I was about going to check on our new patient then other admitted patients when I ran into Yemisi at the corridor leading to his room. She pulled me into an empty room and gave me the gist about the new patient. His name is Kayode, married to the daughter of one of the richest man in Lagos. Ahh no wonder, he married her. With her flat chest, flat ass and plain face it’ll take billions of naira to fall in love with her and she was that ‘the daughter of a billionaire’ She wasn’t doing bad herself. Already at 32 she was a millionaire. She had a mall of her own somewhere in Ikoyi and was also into supplies. Whatever you want just name it and she’ll have it delivered to you. Impressive. I wondered where I’ll be at 32.

It was so obvious about Yemisi’s attraction to Mr Kayode. The way she talked about him and I could see she had taken good care to make her face up, she had an extra button of her uniform opened exposing more of her huge cleavage. She was reeking of perfume like she took her bath in it. If Kayode’s wife could see her I’m sure she’ll so regret bringing her husband here.

Make I hear say I no fuck this man before doctor discharge am” she said as we walked out of the room

Haaaaaaaaaaa, Yemisi!!!

She rolled her eyes at me giving me ‘talk to the hand’

Stop pretending Nancy. That man is so damn fine I’m sure you also have your eyes on him

I don’t“, lying to her not myself.

Yeah right“, she said

Yemisi he’s married in case you’ve forgotten

There was this glint in her eyes as she touched my cheek and smiled

Small girl grow up. What does his being married have to do with anything? I just wanna fuck him not date him

I shook my head and walked into his room and there he was just at the door smiling at me.

OMG!!! I hope he didn’t hear that. From the look on his face he did.

He laughed before saying

I should be the one shocked not you. It’s not everyday one hears a woman scheming to bed him

I blushed from head to toe and in my nervousness I started doing what the cleaners are supposed to do; arranging the sheets, cleaning the table, putting things in order. While doing this I tried to recall if I had said anything bad about him or his wife.

Is that supposed to be your duty nurse?

Get a grip on yourself Nancy. This ain’t the first time I’ve been in a room with a handsome man. I turned so fast not knowing he had moved close to me and somehow found myself held in his arms as he tried to steady me so we won’t end up on the floor.

I’m so sorry sir“, I was blushing again

He smiled with that small pink mouth of his. “Its ok

Please sit down so I can do a proper checkup

I checked his hands and legs if the swelling which is usually a symptom of his illness, had reduced. I swallowed saliva like a thousand times. Being so close to him wasn’t easy, my heart was racing and I couldn’t breathe well. I asked him to take off his shirt so I could check his heartbeat.

Damn!!! See those six packs

You like them?” He was still smiling with a tease to it. I didn’t know I was staring openly. They were so beautiful that I felt like running my hands up and down them. Wow!!! His wife dey enjoy oh

I swallowed saliva again as I bent to check his heart beat and pulse. All this time he was looking at me smiling, making me so uncomfortable

Is it true what they say about nurses?”

I looked at him and found myself lost in his dark eyes

What sir?

Please call me Kayode. What’s your name so I don’t keep calling you nurse


Pretty name but it doesn’t do your beauty justice

Neither does Kayode“, the words came out before I could stop it

He laughed again. That husky laugh that makes a lady want to pull off her clothes and spread her legs wide for him. O GOD I resist the devil o,  I bind you in Jesus name

Then we have our parents to blame don’t you think“, he held my hand. I quickly dragged it back like his had needles in them

You asked a question sir

Please, Kayode not sir, I insist

You asked a question Kayode about nurses

Oh yes, that nurses are good lovers, is this true?

I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t a question I was expectingHe walked slowly to me, he was too close for comfort “You know, I always wanted to marry a nurse. I never even got the privilege to date one

Good for you“, I replied. A voice in my head screamed to me. Nancy get out of that room fast.

He took another step closer “Now I won’t mind testing that theory

Well you can test it. You just overheard a nurse talking about banging you

I intend to but not with that nurse but with you

Ok. Now is a good time to leave. I turned around trying to open the goddamn door which was sure taking its time

Nancy look what you’ve done to me

I didn’t need to turn to know what he was talking about cause he was behind me, and I could feel his erection on my bumbum. I felt his hot breath on my neck, and his palms on my hand. I had to resist not turning around. That was all I had to do, turn around and he’ll know that I’m game but even though I was already sexually excited I chose to open the door and walk out the door.  Good thing I did for just down the hall I could see his wife walking towards the room. I wonder how he was going to hide that gigantic erection he had pressed on my backside. I felt like opening the door to warn him but instead I shouted so he could hear

Good morning Mrs Kayode“, now time to make myself scarce. The look she was giving me wasn’t a nice one

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