New SmartPlate tells you when to stop eating


You know how you have this delicious meal in front of you and can’t get enough of it? We’ve all had those meals where we got so carried away with the delicious food, we had to be carried away from the table. Self-control is a difficult virtue to achieve when it comes to food. Thankfully, there’s now a plate to scold you when you’re tempted to overeat.The new creation by a man named Anthony Ortiz from the Philadelphia area, designed to help you keep track of what is going into your mouth.

According to Katu, that plate known as SmartPlate knows when you have eaten more than you should. The plate literally tell you to “Put down the fork”…LOL

According to Anthony, the plate will measure everything you decide to put in your mouth. He was inspired by his dad’s years of bad eating habit. His dad ended up with heart disease and triple-bypass surgery.

The SmartPlate is made up of three cameras, he said, uses cameras to take pictures of your food, access a database, and computes the nutrition information, illustrating your food intake on graphs so you can follow your trends, or focus on a particular meal. It works with an app to fill you in on exactly what you are eating.

Basically, the plate works however you set it to. It can be programmed in a variety of ways.

Watch video below:

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