Nelson Mandela’s Artwork On display In London For First Time

Nelson Mandela's Artwork On display In London For First Time

Nelson Mandela was known as a writer, and of course a politician who was a former president of South Africa.But not many people know that he was also an artist. Now, a selection of his work is going on sale for the first time in London.Mandela produced the drawings using charcoal and pastels in the years following his presidency. He began sketching at home in his dining room in 2001.The drawings reflect Mandela’s time as a prisoner on Robben Island, as well as other sights, and objects that were significant to him.The collection of original artworks remained hidden away over the course of a decade. But they will now go on sale after his death at the age of 95 in 2013. The money raised will go to his family and to charity.Click here to watch video (Presstv) 

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