#LoveLiteratiContest – ‘To Be Honest’ by Emeka Fejokwu

Love Literati contest - shortlisted submission - elsieisy blog


UMMM, to be honest .

I never expected it to fall for you.

(flash back)

I was late for the mandatory meeting for my foundation classes which took place at babcock university , looking all fresh and on fleek or maybe I was just feeling myself. On a white slim fit trad in which the designs looked like such amazing African creatures that thrive in the jungle .   Then I saw her, she was tall, her skin was glowing like chocolates bathing in the rays of the sun. She looked new and confused ,she was talking to her female friends , dimples and puffy cheeks when she smiled . At that moment everything paused and for a moment I saw you the African Goddess only talked about in late night african folk tales . Then the meeting ended , sometimes I hate my confidence because I was really short ad I knew it would not work regardless of my height . I went to meet you, your smile alone took me by surprise , your accent made me believe that angels do exist . We talked; you were kind , funny ,cute ,nice ,caring. I noticed you studied me from head to toe and I did too. Her name was anjelica and mine was felix , I looked at your mighty large breast, sure to be succulent if I ever had the chance to shoot my shot. Then I taught about how I looked so much pimples on my face , short as a standing fan , emotional lack of confidence . so many faults in such a small man . We went our separate ways after the conversation. I got back to my hostel and my friends said I should not try and woo her , but I knew in my heart that true love can conquere empires , overthrow kings ,bring peace to wars so I would not give up . I believed in you , I never knew how you felt for me . I would get angry with the world my whole face filled with the disgust , but as you come over with your smile I could do nothing but to smile and be happy,  she really had my mumu button . it was love at first sight and I hoped and believed that you felt the same. I mean by the hints you gave me, the way you smiled when you were with me , the eternal moments of love we shared . But it was all in my head, never had the courage to  tell you how I felt , I was a coward. After some months we were done with our exams in our different destinations, I called you and told you I loved you, you said you have always felt the same , my whole world came crashing down and I was extremely dumfounded

 (flash back ends)

  I was a fool to be honest .                                                                                                                            

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