Love Literati Contest: ‘The Burden of Love’ by Iyiola Abiola

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I saw age in your eyes
It was braided into your smile
Like a woven basket.
And your hanging dimple
Slopes like Erin falls.
It troughs through your smile
Into the gully mound of your cheek
Like a splattering fall
On a creasing rock.

Your chin, once spared when you’re young
Is now dense with tick depth.
I’m tempted to hear your voice,
To see your jutting throat
Dance leisurely to your speech.

Your eye looks through me
Like the swept clean village
When the sun-screened heat
Kept children indoors
For siesta at mid-day.

I flutter lightly,
Over my Achilles heel.

Your dotted little eyes
Still lits thinly
Your retina revolves like black peas.

Your teeth shine with with ivory strength
And your tilted head
Swerves tenderly
when you’re drunk with laughter.

The stringed burden of love is light upon my mind
Though rueful with complacent partners, causing pain
I’ll bare mine, flat upon my head.

I’m broke,
Broken like piano notes
Played by my broken heart
Before night’s darkness.

I will strike you chords
I will run your scale so fast at first
That no one will know
There’s a missing note.

I will play your symphony so loud
Then softer, later
When your rhythm touches me
with a moving sensation.

I’m a bunch of notes
Tied with yours in harmony.
I will play at a frenzied speed
With trembling fingers
Upon our concerted silence,
-a dismembered arpeggio of you.
Perhaps to jump easily
When progression reach your turn

Since you left,
I’ve played nothing
But a patched rhythm
To hide your so sudden absence

Like hollowed depth
Of the womb,
Before birth.

We are one,
Myself and you
Stripped of color,
Trolling in darkness
Without shame.

The brink of stars
Tinkering around our solid mass
Says much of who we are.

Birds of same feathers
Limitless in shape and form.

The whistling pine
At sunset,
Crotchets our presence,
Bedeviled by mortal silence.
My world and yours
Is one.
Mixed in earth’s concoction
Taped to bonds and darkened fate.
We are nothing but moving shadows
Before life and sunset
Filtered by orange lights.

I have found a man in you
I’m turned like the ocean waves
Peering , lifting from night’s darkness
Into the space, where you lie.

I’m bare with sickened love.
Desperate like a dying child
Like a woman turned by the breath of ecstasy
Led like a lamb to the stable of affection.

Let’s touch the sky
Together, again
With our bare hands
And minds.

Let’s wait for the clouds
And the wind to come.
It will be here
Not on our wrist
But of its own will

Lets love
Deeply. Really
Not with strive
That conscience abandon.

A year may be long
Life is not.
Strive may be right
It isn’t fine.

When our hands leave off the sky
We’ll be stories again
With dust of it in our palms.

In the end,
I’ll check your eyes
But your sins
And my guilt
Will be gone

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