Love At First Skype: Can Distant Relationships Last Long?

Love At First Skype: Can Distant Relationships Last Long? - elsieisy blog

The topic of distant love is well-known to everyone. It is also the most controversial problem in the relationships department. Experts that specializes on Russian dating believe that distance is not an obstacle for those who truly love, others think that passion and devotion magically disappear with those miles. How do you think?

A lot of my friends, who entered the university, still have boyfriends or girlfriends in their native town. A lot of them met someone special on the Internet. Same old story? If you don’t know how to cooperate with some problems of being separated, here are some useful tips and tricks:

1 . Communicate as often as possible and on diverse topics.

Fortunately, we don’t live in the Mesozoic era, and such wonderful things like a phone, Skype, all kinds of messengers and chats are at the disposal of humankind… So use their potential in full! Yes, a guy, who sends thousands of messages in the morning, face-times and gives skype calls can be considered as a maniac. But who gives a damn when two people really love each other? You are free to spend hours talking about something exciting, and the relationships will become only stronger.

2. Do something together.

I’m not talking about phone sex. Who said that you can’t watch those Netflix movies being miles away? Come on, be inventive! You can always call each other on Skype and arrange a romantic dinner together. Yes, you can’t kiss each other, but you can still kiss your phone screen (better wipe it beforehand, though). Couples can walk in the park, knit, and read to each other. The era of dramatic letters passed a long ago. Then why not try to use your gadgets wisely?

3. Respond with understanding to possible misunderstandings

It can hardly be avoided. And more often, of course, women are guilty of such things – for example, they see insulting overtones in an absolutely innocent messages, not wanting to facetime their significant others for days. Men and women perceive information in different ways.

For guys, it is more important WHAT is told. But women pay attention to HOW things are told – the intonation, the gifs, and the smiles at the end of the message. So take it into account.

4. Don’t follow strangers. Sounds confusing, but since your relationships depend on digitals a whole lot, try not to disappoint your girlfriend when you follow someone really hot on the Instagram. Digital jealousy is definitely a thing in 2017!

5. Send gifts to each other. Who said it’s not possible? Every girl wants to receive unexpected flowers miles away from courier service! You can do pleasant things like this every once in a while, especially, if you know each other’s wishlists.


6. Seek for every occasion to spend together. If you have some minutes of spare time, you can definitely call each other and discuss your day. The more you talk, the better, and the longer your lovely relationships will prosper!


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