Life as a cab man in the metropolis – 10

Life as a cab man in the metropolis - elsieisy blog

Previous episodesA Big knock on the gate woke me up on a Tuesday morning, as I slowly got up and wondered who will be knocking the gate at this time“Efe it’s me Aunty Onos”Those words sounded like Music to my ears,“Aunty I’m Coming I’m Coming”“Welcome Ma”“Efe my boy how are you?”I’m fine ma”, as I carried her luggage inside,“I have been trying to call you Aunty”,“My dear don’t mind me”, she Said, “I misplaced my phone, I went out with some of your uncles and I forgot it at the place. Sorry my dear”No problem ma, so how is everybody?“They are fine my dear”, she said“Just leave this things we will arrange them tomorrow aren’t you going to work? Go Back to sleep”“No Aunty no work for me today”, I Said“Why??”“The Car has problems Aunty and no money yet to fix it”“How much do you need?”“Twenty Five Thousand naira, I Have like 15 already”Oya take twenty thousand, make sure you go and repair the car today, It must be today oh”“Thank you Aunty, Thank you very much ma”“Don’t thank me my dear, Thank God, Just make sure you fix the car today”“Yes Ma, Yes ma Let me Just arrange this this stuff in the kitchen”“Okay my dear, Let me go and rest inside. Close the gate when you are leaving and call Sade, tell her I am around that she should come to the house”“Okay Ma.”I arranged some of the stuffs she bought and went to Shower and the day was already beginning to Lighten Up.I headed to the mechanic’s place to fix the car, I wanted to get there early so that he fixes it quickly so that I could at least have a productive day“Mustapha I don show Oh, How far sharply run that thing”“Oga Efe Okay I dey come”“Take 15 When you finish I go Balance you and take key”“Abeg gimme your chair make I relax small and help me buy Alomo when you they come”“Okay” he said as Mustapha wandered into the shadows to go get the materials needed to fix the part in the car, My Phone rangNnenna was calling me“Hello” “Hi”, she said“Are you at home?”“Nope”, I said“Okay when will you be back?”“I don’t Know, I’m at the Mechanic’s place right now”“Okay” “Anything?” I asked.“Yeah we actually need to talk,”Yeah? Okay we can talk now”“You know what, call me back Efe, Please call me back”Okay”I dialled her number back“Okay, so what Is It?, I AskedIt’s about that night,Yeah what about it? I asked“I have a Boyfriend”, She Said“Wow Okay, That’s Cool”“Just Cool? Is that all you have to say?”“I really don’t have anything to say Nnenna, because I can’t ask you to break up with him for me that will be selfish”“That means you don’t like me” she said“I never said I don’t like you, you are the one saying you have a boyfriend, Okay fine break up with him”“Nooo I can’t” She said“Then what do you want me to do??”“I just don’t want to lose you as well, I really like you, it’s not really a relationship I am in with him”“Look Nnenna whatever it is, It’s cool, I understand you have a boyfriend and you feel bad for what we did and all. It happens. Don’t beat yourself over it”She Giggled and went “so when are you coming back?”“Later tonight”“Okay, I will call you later today, might come over“My Aunty is back though”“Okay, is she the mean type?”I Laughed, “No, Not at all, I just don’t want to disrespect herOkay I understand, anyways call me or I will call you anyone I will come look for youI Laughed Okay MaByeI sat there wondering what she might be up to. She has a boyfriend and also insists on coming over to my place even at knowing my Aunt is back. Girls though.Oga Efe I don Finish”, the mechanic’s voice brought back from the journey of thoughts“Ehen Mustapha Nice One, take the remaining 10. Make I feel am sef”I Got in, did a test drive and the car was feeling brand new again, After some barren weeks I finally found my feet thanks to Aunty Onos , Then I thought to myself, what if Aunty Onos never came back or something happened to her? I really need to start looking for options anything can happen. Will I drive Cab all my Life?“Mustapha Nice one Thanks make I dey go work”“Oga Efe Bye Bye”As I drove round the corner, two middle aged ladies stopped me and they had plenty of loads.Market Women Obviously“Ajah Market” they both chorused.“2500 Madam with your Load”“Eh Gba 2000 now Driver”,“Okay Mummy”“Oya Open Your Boot”They entered and Sat down at the back, Market Women are one of my least favourites people to carry because they basically complain about everything, They always feel everyone is doing them wrong. You tell a market woman to pay something because fuel price has increased they start wailing, but they increase price of foodstuffs when they hear strike is imminent. Very Selfish BunchWell everybody is trying to run their businesses and make it in the best possible way even if it means bending everything in your own favour, you can’t blame anybody. The economy is hard.Anyways what do I know??I’m just a Cabman and I’m just here at their service and I’m back and fully operational*Tunes Radio* Big Sean – One Man Can Change The WorldWritten by Sir Jaydee

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