Lesbian Attempt


I was walking to my hostel from the canteen on a hot Saturday afternoon when Anita’s goons stopped me and said Anita wanted to see me. If it was any other person, I’d have walked past them but Anita is the leader of the most notorious female cult on campus and I don’t want an acid bath neither do I want to be beaten up. So I walked with them to the car and we drove to Anita’s off campus apartment.

I tried to find out why she wanted to see me but my questions fell on deaf ears. We got to her apartment thirty minutes later and they left me alone with her. She offered me a drink but I refused and told her I’d rather get down to business, whatever “business” was. She came to sit beside me and started complimenting my complexion. I said ‘thank you’ and asked where she was going with the compliment. Then she said she liked me and wanted me for herself.

I thought that was the new way of recruiting students so I told her I wasn’t interested in joining a cult. She laughed and said that wasn’t what she meant. I asked her to explain herself and she said she was a lesbian. Well that explains a lot, I said to myself. I’m sorry but I can’t be your girlfriend, I don’t do girls. I said. She laughed and said “that’s what they say till I show them that I’m a better lover than any guy they’ve been with“. I don’t want you to show me I said impatiently. You don’t have a choice. She said calmly. I remembered her goons; they could kill me right here and no one would ever know. I wasn’t ready to die, so I followed her to her room.

Once in, I looked around for a weapon and an escape route. There were no iron bars on the window so I could climb out easily if I could find something to cut open the net with. There were no visible weapons save for a bedside lamp -that should be useful. She laid down on the bed and asked me to join her, I obliged. It was time to get the show started.

She traced a line with kisses from my neck to my collar bone and back, I guess she was trying to find a weak spot (too bad I didn’t have one).

Next she kissed my lips and I let myself kiss her back. It was the most disgusting thing I’d ever done but I must admit, she was pretty good.  She thought she had me then she took off my shirt, took a few seconds to admire my six packs before placing kisses all over my torso. I faked a moan and that seemed to push a button because she went crazy.

She tried to take off my bra and that was my cue -I hadn’t even let my boyfriend see my babies yet. She was so engrossed with “pleasuring” me and unhooking my bra that she didn’t notice the lamp till it made contact with her head. She gasped and rolled off me. I hit her head two more times increasing my force each time before she blacked out. I put on my shirt and went in search of a knife. I found a machete in her wardrobe and used that to cut open the net. I also found a book and a pen and with them wrote her a love poem:

Roses are red,Violets are blue,If you come near me again,I’ll paint white roses red with your blood.”

I left the note where it could be found easily and jumped out the window.


Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi
Written by Emmanuella Nwosisi

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  1. But are you still in the school, because next time Anita sends us, we will ensure you know who is boss-ette. *Laughs wickedly* nice narrative, just try to thicken the paint in the potrait you paint

  2. I still get to wonder what pleasure these people gain (gayz & lesbianz) ……………I cant imagine a guy tellin me he likez mi to d extent of him kissin mi ….yuck! …………..

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