If Dreams Come True…

If Dreams Come True...

By Ogunyemi Oluwaseyi

It’s a bright new dayWith the rays of the early morning sun shining through the window,I turn to look at the smiling face of my heartthrobGlad for a new day in our together forever journey, with a prayer to God for the gift of life.I proceeded to give her a kiss on the forehead as I put her in my warm embrace and reassured her of my love for her which waxes stronger each passing day.I cast my mind forward to what the day would bringWith deadlines to be met and new fronts to conquered on the corporate ladderAlas…If only dreams come throughI won’t be awoken by the chimes of bikesAnd smoke permeating the miniature window of the tiny cubicle I call room,On a bed I share unwillingly with bugsWho willingly pinch me to remind me of my host statusAnd their companion status to a lonely orphan.I am grateful for the gift of lifeBut I cast my mind on the uncertainties that lie aheadIn the quest to make ends meetOn a thorny roadWith the dump site waiting for one of its numerous harvesters of useful wasteI cast my mind ahead to what the day has to offerIn contrast to days gone byHoping that hustle would payAnd the street would be kinder than it has beenMaybe life would have been kinder than it has beenIf only dreams come true…Image source – Pinterest

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