I Love You But I Lost You

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Oluwatimileyin Ayodeji 

A girl named Amy was a nerd. Everybody in school treated her like a loser. They called her names and pushed her around. She only had one friend named James. He was a jock and he played football and hockey. He wasn’t popular but none of school mate ever bullied him so he was so large and buff. His parents never cared for James so all he had was Amy. He loved her a lot but never told her he loved her Although She never thought of James like that..

One day a new kid moves to school. Xavier. He was a hunk and all girls threw themselves onto him but when Amy catches his eye, he begins to like her and Amy begins to like Xavier. Xavier and Amy grow closer and closer and James was feeling replaced. He figured that he should tell Amy he loved her before he lost her to Xavier.

So one day he bought Amy her favorite flowers which are lilies. He thinks about the gift even more and decided to get a teddy bear as well. Then he gets a little card and he wrote “I love you to the moon and back. Will you be mine Amy ~James “. He walks to school with the gifts but something catches James eye. Amy is in the arms of Xavier and they were kissing.

Tears go down his face James eyes. Not being able to handle a heart break he throws the teddy bear. He throws the lilies on the floor and stomps on them. He runs back home with tears flowing down his face. He had no one again because his parent never cared for him or his well-being

Amy is kissing Xavier. Then she feels herself being separated from the kiss and being slammed into the lockers. When she looked to see who slammed her, it was Xavier. She felt something wet slip down her face. Someone poured coffee on her head. Xavier and everyone else laughed at her. The relationship they had were a fake. Xavier only played her.

Tears stung her eyes and she ran away from the incident. She wished she had James right now. To comfort her and to wipe away her tears. When running down the hall she sees crushed lilies on the floor. They were her favorite. She picks them up and sees a note with her name on it. She reads it and that’s when she realized. She loves James. James saw me kissing Xavier. She wipes away her tears and throws the flowers on the floor. She runs as fast as she could to James house.

When she gets there she knocks at the door but no one answers. But the door was open. She walks inside and the house was quiet. She runs to James room but the inside was heartbreaking. James lay on the floor with blood oozing from his chest. There was a note,

“To Amy: I love you but I lost you. I lost everything. I’m sorry.~James

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  1. lol. this is a nice story. So simple n really nice. The writer seems young . Really young, very funny at the way the young unreplicated love seems. Nice tho.

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