I Am A Woman

I Am A Woman

By Maraiyesa Ayokunle

My red  painted lips are inviting.My sweet sonorous voice is enchanting.I savy my smiles are charming.And this straight eight figure is tempting.As deer panteth for water,you soul keep panting.For the wetness you had feel when you thrust your third leg into my pit.I can see through your lustful eyes.As you converse your sassy vice.I can see through your legs,as your manhood rise.Though you act timid,warm and nice.Your heart is broken and colder than ice.You laugh as though you enjoy my company; but you keep pondering on how to play me like a dice.My body maybe soft, I may be classy.Your imagination as I twerk my hips and walk past are nasty.My face drew your attention because I paint it up to be beautifully flashy.My apparel drew your attention to my bosom-both hot and catchy.No wonder your mind sees beyond what is vivid to the eyes.Sex you see in me,sex-see,sexy.Isn’t that what you call me?I am like a colourful rose.Once you pluck, it withered and loose it value.Would you value me after this sex of a thing?Would you not turn me into one of those deserted gardens;of which you once treasured.Those fountain of pleasure,the very pit of pleasure you have once dig in carelessly.Their fruit you mind not,pleasure is all you want.Would you let me speak more of your valour,intellect and Godliness.And not of the heat you ignite when you are in me.You are still not getting my point right; I am a woman, my value is much more than sex.Togetherness in friendship we can build up our dreams.We will build up the strong us we can lean on in time of despair.My soft hand can tend and nurse your broken heart.My love can warm up your cold heart.I am a woman; I offer lasting pleasure than the well in me.But how can all this be;when sex you see in me.Sex-see,sexy; I am a woman I am more than sexy.The only time you are really near.Is when you are in there.The only time you are close .Is when you insert your hose.And when you are done, we are still distance apart just like the earth to the sun.You are a man; build up the link bridge!I am a woman; I offer more joy than the well in me.But how can this be ,when sex you sEe in me.Sex you see,sex-see, sexy: I am more than a sex objectImage source: girlsdaydaily.com

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