#ChildrensDay – How to Spend Quality Time with Your Child Today


It is essential to create happy memories with your child. Today is Children’s Day, and with the need for social distancing, you may be all stuck at home with nowhere to go. In case you are wondering how to spend quality time with your child today, we have compiled a quick list of some things you can do with your child. Go through our suggestions for inspiration and have a fantastic Children Day celebration with your child.

Try a Movie / Food Day at home

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You may say you do this almost every day, but there is a way to make it unique today. Let everyone gets dress as if you all are going out, then order the food this time and don’t cook from the house. It is preferable to order the food that your child loves and watch the movies your child loves to watch or would like to watch. Ensure you all have a great time as a family.

Have a Games Day

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Having a games day is another excellent idea. It can be a video game, a board game, or any fun game. Create a team, challenge each other, and have a great time with your child. Even if your child is winning, don’t make it feel awkward. However, if you are majorly winning, allow your child to win some. Moreover, it is children’s day, not an adult’s day. Let your child win.

Organise a Quiz Competition

You can get questions based on the subjects your child is taught in school. Or you can get general affairs questions online and have a quiz competition with your child. Don’t forget, there should be gifts at the end of the competition.

Recreate Dance Steps and Record

This can be a beautiful experience, especially if you or your child knows how to dance. You may choose to do a Tic-tok or Triller video. Simply make a list of various dance steps. You can check online to get the names and moves. Then have fun dancing with your child. Let it be a dance party.

Have Series of Storytelling Sessions

Do you have a child that loves to read? Do you enjoy reading to your child? You can try this. Get your child’s favourite stories and read them to your child. You can also involve your child by asking him/her to read to you.

Act like Characters from a Movie or a Book

Social distancing seems to have put a pause on stage plays, but you can bring life to it in your house. You and your child can dress like their favourite characters from a movie or book, and act like the character. You can also record this moment.

Dress Up and Take pictures

Nollywood Actress - Mercy Johnson Okojie and Family
Nollywood Actress – Mercy Johnson Okojie and Family/ Source – instagram.com/mercyjohnsonokojie

If you have a camera or a phone with a great camera quality, you can have a photo-shoot with your child. Let your child get dressed, and you take him/her different shots in the house and maybe in the neighbouring environment. This experience will be cherished for a long time.

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