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By Blessing Alikeju

A couple of days ago, on my way to the airport by 7:30am or so, I encountered a scene.

What scene was this?

An accident scene. A man was lying in a pool of his own blood, dead!

This man was dressed in a shirt tucked into his pants. This was probably someone on his way to work, only to meet his death.

Did he have a family?

Did he have a wife and kids waiting for him at home?

Did he have friends he was scheduled to meet later in the day?

Did he kiss his love before leaving home and tell her, “See you in the evening, darling”?

All these questions plagued my mind, and they will never be answered. One thing is certain, though. He will definitely have someone somewhere who will miss him.

His friends and family, going about their daily business, with no inkling of what was coming their way, were thrown into conundrum the second he breathed his last, unbeknownst to them.

The saying, ‘LIVE EACH DAY LIKE IT WERE YOUR LAST’, indeed carries weight. No one knows the day or the hour or the manner in which death would come visiting. All we are certain about is death itself.

What is it you want to do that you keep postponing? Do it now.

Who needs to hear that you love them today? Tell them now.

Who needs your kindness today? Show it to them.

Who needs to hear your encouragement to cheer them on today? Encourage them on now.

If you were to die this second, where would your destination be? Ponder on this and act right.

There’s no time to waste people; live life and enjoy it to the fullest. Do what makes you and people around you happy.

Live for God and humanity!

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  1. Live each day like it were your last.Procrastination kills… Form the habit of doing it Now.

  2. I remember a line from Nikel Back’s song …..’if today was your last day, tomorrow was too late’…. Now is the time to do all that is worth doing

  3. Why do you have to start a new working week with this emotion madden n sad story. Well it makes the living appreciate God the more.If you are alive, it is God giving you another chance to right all your wrongs. Do it now. Tomorrow may be too late.

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