Adventures Of A Social Media Addict (R-18+)

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After waiting for over an hour and I began to go through my back-up options. It was almost midnight so going to Okota at this time was definitely out of the question. Lekki was out of the option. The only two options l had left now was to either go back to Demola’s place or the crib at Shitta, didn’t like the idea of both.

I dipped my hands into my pocket to check up the time on my phone and saw a text. Fuck! The text was about 15mins old, I had forgotten to take my phone off silent mode when we got out of the cinema.

The Text:“Mayo, am not sure about comingBack.. Am scared but if u ask meTo come back. I will”

Shey this girl well sha?! What had we agreed on before she left?! I wanted to call her and blast her but once again the gentleman in me came up and I replied her,

“Liz, if you don’t wanna come backIts all good won’t force you to do what you don’t want to, tho I really do want you to come been here for over an hour now”

See me forming text ooo, me wey dey boil!

Now packed right across me was a Rapid Response truck and basically I would look like a suspect to them. I was on my favourite all black outfit, I was over 6ft tall, I had been standing at a spot for over an hour looking left, right and center. Nigerian Police especially those in Surulere arrest people with even less characteristics. I started weighing my options once again, after about 15mins of thinking and basically re-thinking..I decided to find a place to crash and count my losses..was about turning away when a cab pulled up and Elizabeth stepped out. Phew! This girl can kill sha!

I waited while she strolled over and stood on her toes to kiss my cheeks.

“I am sorry” She muttered..nah, she wasn’t sorry yet, she would be by the time I am in her.“Its nothing, you good tho?” The decent me asked. She nodded in the affirmative and we started walking towards a nearby guesthouse we had noticed earlier. We walked in silence, got here and in less than 10mins were in a room. I yanked off my clothes and headed off to the bathroom. I was feeling exhausted, was silently praying the bathroom had a shower that worked. And luckily my prayers were answered. I got in, turned it on and just stood there. Started thinking while letting the water run its course. Must have spent close to 20mins in there cuz the next thing I heard was Elizabeth asking if I wanted to wash away all my sins. I laughed and got out..

“Cover that thing jor!” She said as she threw a towel at me. I just shook my head and proceeded to get dry. The AC in the room was at full blast and the weather outside was even cold enough. I was having goose bumps. Got my boxers on and hopped into bed drew duvet up to my abdomen. Elizabeth had gone into the bathroom. She must have spent quite a while in there cause I have no memory of her coming out. I had slept off,she was tugging at my shoulders(see me oo, brother Ode wey wan fuck, sleeping on duty).

“I am cold,where’s your shirt” she asked.Shirt bawo, what is the purpose of my been here when na my shirt she wan use keep warm? I didn’t say anything, the gentle side of me was obviously running this episode of my life. I got out of bed, went to pick my shirt from the chair I had placed it on, walked over to her side of the bed and then proceeded to fit her in it.

“Feeling better” I asked“Yea” she said as she pulled my face close and kissed my nose, I turned it up a notch and kissed her straight on the mouth. Her hands were now on my shoulders, going round my neck.

Finally! I stuck my hands underneath the shirt and start tugging her nipples. She sat up properly and was now hugging tightly as I bit on her lower lips. I had let my hands strolled behind and unhook her bra..hands were now going down to her panties. I definitely had to taste what I was going to fuck. Then…

“No, I don’t want to do this” she moaned.Ha! Shey dis girl no ya weyreh so? “Can’t do this” ke. Come oo, shey no be ogbanje I go carry so..and once again the gentle me was in charge. I took a deep breathe and kissed her forehead.“It’s all aii, hun..can’t touch you without your permission (my usual line but true..never understood how guys enjoy forced sex)..I kissed her on the forehead once more and pulled up the duvet up to her breast.

“Sleep, its already late”..I was already calculating my loss for the night.. Not the cash but my hard-on. Sleep no gree at all..I just kept staring at the ceiling, everywhere was cold as fuck.

Only a matter of minutes and I could hear Elizabeth’s deep breathing as she slept on. I sighed and was wondering how dudes who rape enjoy it sef. I don’t know how or when I dozed off but my eyes went wide open when I heard

“Are you sleeping?”…Sleeping ke? No oo..I was wide awake.“No, I am not..tired but sleep isn’t just coming”…sharp lie. She rolled over and kissed my cheek. Next thing I knew was she was rolling over and stradling me. That ass on me ehn! I made no move to touch her or anything. My hands were still behind my head.

“I don’t like to regret things but I really want you in me” she said. Ehen me want myself in you sef abi dis girl no know as e dey go ni?“Its your choice, dearie” I smiled at her…she lifted her ass up a little and dipped her hand down below to grab my dick which as usual wasn’t paying attention to me (the legal owner), in her hands (the rightful owner) now, it was on rampage..she used my dickhead to brush asides her panties and without taking anything off, slide my dick into her pussy which was already dripping.

She was pretty tight cause my dick found no breathing space. It was heaven even my hands left the back of my head and went straight to her ass. She was moaning now as I sat up a lil and started kissing and nibbling on her neck. Kissed the base of her neck right to her jaw and then behind her ears. Her moans were getting louder while I tried not to pay attention to my dick. The more attention you pay to your dick, the faster you are likely to cum, (many guys don’t know this). So during sex, I always find something else doing. I squeezed her ass hard and slid a finger between her cheeks. Didn’t know if she liked spanking but decided to try it. She was lost in ecstasy as I spank her soft round ass..immediately she laughed and jumped off me. Rolled over with ass shooting out. I needed no second invitation, I was on her within a blinking second, parted her thighs as I went into her tight pussy once more.

I was pounding her fast and hard now, she was moaning out and pretty loud now. Each time I went down, my lower abdomen kept hitting her ass. I slid a hand between her and the bed and then started rubbing on her pussy as I kept fucking her. I knew I was going to cum soon but I wanted her to cum first. I kissed behind her neck as I increased the tempo of my dick going into her. I raised my upper body a little and looked at my dick going in and out and then realised I was fucking her without a condom, damn!!! I had totally lost it. This didn’t hinder me as I kept fucking her hard, I could see her gripping the bed and her pussy getting tighter. I knew she was about to cum and I was already about to lose it. I closed my eyes as I shot my load all into her. Just like I had pushed her to the limit, she was cumming all over my dick at the same time. I was breathing heavily as I was cumming to my senses and noting the stupid, dumb mistakes I had made in less than 30mins. No condoms and I had released all into her. My worries were short-lived as she rolled over and smiled at me. She pulled me down to her and kissed me.

Well it had happened, the deed has been done and there was nothing I could do about it. I was still staring at her while she fell asleep and I rolled over to my side and started facing my demons.

With sleep now far from me, the thought of her getting pregnant and me contacting an STD occupied my mind as I stared all night at the ceiling wishing and hoping none ever happen.

Written by Bass ( Twitter – @Bass_ige)

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