“A drop of water makes an ocean, capitalize on compounding and long term growth.” – Olaseinde Oluwatosin

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Olaseinde Oluwatosin is a chartered accountant, a finance enthusiast, financial coach and founder of Money Africa, with over eight years’ experience in corporate finance, audit, research and financial modelling. With Oluwatosin, it’s all about the money and the numbers. In this interview with ELSiEiSY blog she talks about her journey to financial freedom and why she chose to become a financial coach.

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What is a typical day for you like?

A typical day will be ideas popping in my head prompting to deviate from planned schedule of content. But I literally have to rein myself in to stick to plan. After posting contents for the day early in the morning. I am catching up on the latest business news, engaging with my followers on our respective platform. Midday, I have meetings booked with clients and in the late afternoon, we are planning for subsequent day.

What inspired you to start the Money Africa Academy?

I lived and worked in South Africa for several years, I relocated to Nigeria after 4 years working as an account professional. Then it hit me that I have no savings or investment it was as ironic as my day job was to spot what was wrong in a company and there I was, living my life with no investment/lifeline

That was a deciding moment for me’. But I only started the company several years after

What kind of resistance have you met consistently as a Personal Finance Coach?

Highly educated people who think there’s nothing new I can teach them. Especially middle management employees. Then they take my class/course and they start telling a different story.

Would you say people have become more financially literate since you started your work? What has been your impact level?

There has been a positive impact, I have been able to influence people positively on making sound and better decisions with regards to their finances and addressing the mindset about money.

What is one important thing about money people easily ignore?

That a drop of water makes an ocean, capitalize on compounding and long term growth

What’s the place of mentorship in the kind of work you do?

At the end of the day personal finance is 80% habits and 20% work. Mentorship plays a key role in building the right attitude towards money

What else do you do asides financial coaching?

I volunteer with Destiny Trust, a charity that reintegrates out-of-school children into the educations system. Addressing the learning deficit in Nigeria

What breakthroughs have you gotten from un-seeming situations?

I have been able to close a national deal few months into business when my business registration was pending

What will you ask a successful person first?

How have you given back to your community?

Your favorite TV show?

I’m not loyal to shows, it changes.

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  1. A drop of water makes an ocean. So true but most of us do not realize this or maybe deliberately choose to ignore.

    But literally, this concept has worked for me in multiple ways.
    1. While I was in school I used to study daily which always helped me scoring good.
    2.When I grew up the similar concept I applied to my savings. I saved heaps when my friends were just ignorant of the importance of savings in life.

    After reading this article I again feel so pumped up.

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