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So that day I got to meet his crew…and I met his artist. And he was in the studio trying to hook themselves a song. I tried to give an input…but they wanted to look down on me because I was a girl…then the producer was keen on hearing what I had to say…and I suggested a few tweaks to the beat and it was applied and it sounded nice….Everybody hailed me…I used to hang out in the studio a lot with them and help them out with the sounds…

One day when we were in the studio…Morgan artiste was trying to write a song…and I had a better song in my head…I wrote down the song out of naivety and gave him…then I left.

Few weeks later I heard the song on the radio and I was stunned and happy…I quickly picked up the phone called Morgan and he was so excited that he didn’t let me talk and said they were celebrating in his house that I should come.

I came and apparently the song has been ruling airwaves and it was his breakthrough song. Praises where dished here and there and no mention of my name…I was getting really angry…I walked up to the artist and he took me aside and he said Thank you…I was so mad. I asked him is that all you gonna say? Can’t you at least tell this people who is the brain behind this? This is my opportunity… And you are ruining it. He laughed and said…he was just thanking for coming and he knows nothing of what I’m saying…that I should go do my own version. He laughed as he walked away. Tears in my eyes. I called Morgan aside and told everything…and all he told me was he would do something about it.

Weeks and weeks passed…nothing…my name died and they grew bigger. I was now the side chic to Morgan and he always called when he wanted sex and I answered his call, not because I wanted to…But I was on a mission…he would carry me around to the studio on some days when they wanted my input…I will give and still be learning by watching.

Then Morgan’s artist started hitting on me and I was guessing he wanted another hit track, I played along with him. He used to tease me and take me out and apologized for not acknowledging me and all…and how he wants to me to write his songs and be his girl and we will rule the world together.

I nodded in agreement and made him promise to stand by the words…he promised. I told him I needed a laptop so that I would write more often and I made sure he made me comfortable. He bought the laptop, I went back to school with a laptop, started putting more work into my work…learnt how to make beats. I will make beats and Amaka will rap to them…but I never had any equipment to finalize it…it was a week to my graduation…I was dating an artist that was using me…while a side chic to his manager…my life had no direction.

I needed a break…then my phone rang…Duke was calling…I have never been so happy in a while…as I picked…first words were…I missed you… I was so weak…that I burst into tears…it was like a part of me came back…I told him I had so much to tell him

He scheduled a meeting for the next day…

Seeing him the next day gave me so much joy…we talked over rolled blunts and food….After hearing my story…he told me to believe in myself and my dreams…and that it will really break his heart if I don’t do what makes me happy… It was like a challenge and I didn’t want to disappoint Duke…I played him some beats I made, he was baffled and some songs I wrote, he loved them.

He then suggested that he has a friend who wants to invest in music in the country that he would love me to meet him. The day before my graduation was the day I was to meet him, he didn’t arrive for the meeting till like 5PM…When he walked in…He was an average height dark chocolate man and he greeted me with such respect, asked me to sit down…we had a long discussion and I told him I had beats…I played it for him…he already had a producer…asked if it was comfortable I work with him…he told me he liked my work…and he was gonna give me a try…I was happy…but had to keep it in…because I had graduation ceremony tomorrow…he noticed my agitation and asked me the problem I explained to him that I needed to travel back to school for graduation.. He offered to book a flight for me back…he was nice and kind…and promised to come.

He came on my day alongside duke…my supposed boyfriend or side didn’t show up sadly. I felt loved…I was with my Best Friend…and my dad…After my graduation I finally have left school and I have a job at a budding record label…I couldn’t wait.

We had so many artist to try out.. Things were not as smooth earlier…meanwhile, I had called it quit with Morgan and his crew…my mission was ended with them. I have learnt what I needed. I worked day and night with artists…but none could hit it right.

I called duke one day and reminded him of Amaka my friend and how she was very good…but the boss was hardly around… So we couldn’t get to him.

But then the boss came back and spent few weeks here…he was always in the studio with us as we worked…and one day he called me into his office and asked why I haven’t delivered…pressure was one now…it was like it wasn’t made for me…he then came close and told me that he believes in me….and that I should take control.

I went back to into the studio and let the beat play…and I let all the frustration and pain out as I wrote down the song…and I called Amaka to come over and help me.

As she sang and rapped I joined her in tears…it was one of the highlights of my life…the day that changed my life.

I played it for everybody and they loved it….the producer In helped me make it better…it was sent out… And they responses came alarming…People loved it…I was alarmed…radio. Carried it everywhere.

Duke called, screaming that he just heard my name on radio…people wanted to know me. We decided that Amaka and I do another one…which we did…I wrote my part…Amaka sang and rapped… I supported.

Another hit was made…we were fast becoming a household name…before the end of the year..we were hitting heights I never dreamt off.

I broke down in tears when I was about to perform on stage for the first time and Amaka introduced as the brain behind everything and the crowd roared,…I couldn’t help it.

My boss always wanted me around…I was now independent making some money for myself…Duke became my manager…it was only right…My Boss started growing fond of me…always wanted me around as well…we would go for lengthy dates together and shows…on 31st Of December… I was supposed to perform at a show…Duke normally drops me off at every show…but that day… My boss decided to be super sweet…ordered a limo for me…the driver took me shopping. Amaka and Myself shopped…performed for our fans…As I was walking down after the show…I saw everyone clapping and My Boss Kneeling down with a box in his hand…I was looking in Duke’s direction all this while…and I didn’t even know…as I heard words come out of his mouth on how he has loved me for a long time and I should marry him…I was weak to my knees with my eyes fixed on Duke as he turned his eyes and walked away.

I was confused…As I watched duke leave I looked at My Boss and I knew this was just the beginning of another ride…My hands were shaking and suddenly felt legs started raising as I ran towards Duke and stopped him before he drove off…entered his car wind up the glass…and I screamed…Duke What is your problem?

Did you know about this?

Where are you going to??

Don’t you dare keep me on mute!!!!

Don’t you dare!!

As I hit him…

He turned and said…Do you know how much I Love you…Do You??? .I looked him straight in the eye…and yelled….you don’t even know me Duke you don’t as I hit him…You are too good for me…and I am not even who I say I am. My dad is my uncle…i have never been in a plane…as I poured out and told him all the truth about my background and all…he looked me with my tears and said…But Look at you…I am proud of you…Nobody cares where you are from you made it… Before he completed his statement I Kissed him so hard without holding back…he grabbed me by the waist and kissed back….we then stopped and caught our breath and he continues as I was saying made it…made it… we laughed so hard…and he then said you have a marriage proposal to accept…I sniffed in his clothes and said Don’t ever leave me Duke…

Please…he hugged me tight and said I always got you baby…

So my daughter she said…your mum is one of the biggest selling artiste in Africa… I am telling you this because I dreamt…and I found a Man who made me believe in my dream…Don’t ever stop dreaming my love…she kissed her forehead…Goodnight mummy….She said…Goodnight daddy…

*lights off*

Written by Sir Jaydee

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  1. Wow! What a dream! The Duke of a guy patient sha ooo, how many guys can be this patient this days?

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