DILA – Dangerously In Love Again

DILA - Dangerously In Love Again

The series – A dangerous love affair ended last Saturday and I am sure you enjoyed the story as much as I did. A big shout out to Daniel Ndukwu for penning all that. More ink to your pen or rather, more power to your PC…LOL If you missed that, click here for all episodes of A dangerous Love affair, written by Daniel Ndukwu. Today, we begin another literal journey put together by Femi Fragile. Old readers of this blog surely do know Femi and his writing prowess. He’d resurrect all emotions in you with his stories. You know you find the best of bests on elsieisy.com 😀 Enjoy DILA – Dangerously in love by Femi Fragile.


My misfortune, it was that all my ex-lovers loved me prematurely and battered my heart relentlessly. I, who was the prize many women contested for, gradually became the man who they’d rather be ‘just friends’ with. My heart which they all called ‘mine’ became a goldmine; each girl using a dagger to cut her piece of the treasure. A heart that once flowed with love and attention had suddenly been left sored with hatred. Yielding so many lies as consolation, “you are the best guy alive, if I had my way I’d date you, but…” what? Such beautiful liars, aren’t the sharpest blade sheathed in the softest pouches after all?I remember an ex of mine whom I loved so much until it became impossible to love her better. She bled me gently and signed the breakup note with my blood. How cruel! There was yet, the fairest and prettiest of them all. She built a modeling career with my humility; I was the boy lover who managed, advised, supported and cheered her always. One night she slipped out of bed and left me for a superstar. I still wander in my thought, “was I a monster?” I will never forget the youngest of them all – Lovelyn – who appeared very innocent. She has the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Lucifer-esque maybe. Magnetic but deceptive. I should have known that she was a chameleonic serpent; an enemy in disguise. I caught her worshiping my friend’s idol on her knees, chanting all types of erotic-incantations. Some said I was lucky that she spared my life. She wasn’t lovely after all.

My ecstasy, it happens to be my greatest fear, in which the thought of it makes my heart vibrate. The imagination of a new world, those of emotional and romantic connection to someone of the other gender; to fall in love again. Finally, it has happened. I have stumbled on an unlikely girl in the strangest place. Am I in love? I cannot say, but the obvious seem inevitable. She is the opposite of every girl I have been with; strange, wild, blunt, proud, fierce and rude. She is however prettier than the prettiest amidst them. She was seated beside me in the church, worshiping the Almighty with the most sincere dedication (I presume), but she didn’t shy away from the condemnation of the preying eyes of the elderly and the religious as she lit a cigarette the moment we said the grace and exited the church. Perturbed, I walked up to her and queried, “I don’t have a problem with smoking, but you should at least be decent about it, come on!”

“What decency is there in pretending?” she questioned, “this is who I am. Thanks for your concern.”

“Who are you?” I questioned further, “I am Dila.” She replied confidently as she killed the flame of the cigarette under her heels and walked out on me. Too much controversy in one person. I couldn’t comprehend.

We met again. Yes, in church. My mind was desperate to know more about her. So I stood by the gate and sought her out in the multitude after service. I’ll save you the drama, but it was tough getting her attention. Like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, we went from being strangers to close friends in weeks. As I update this journal, her nude body lies under my sheet. No, we didn’t have sex. I wouldn’t even know if she is a virgin, but we have gotten really close that she entrusts her nakedness into my care. The smart ass will say, “I trust you, and I sincerely hope you won’t make me regret that.” I have for her the utmost respect. Problem is my body has gotten used to being around her, now my heart wants in too. This heart will never learn. Or maybe I am just gullible. Yet the things she does with and for me, melo melo lafe wi – (are significant) even within a short while. It makes me ask myself, “am I Dangerously In Love Again?” My heart warms up to her presence and freezes in her absence. Oh Dila, Determined, Inspiring, Lively, and Astute. That’s too much perfection in imperfection.

I have never seen a better motivational speaker. She scolds, then encourages me. Thanks to her, I can’t remember the last time I updated this journal, now I am writing again. Dila repels boredom; just last night we played Scrabble and she would beg me at intervals to give her my best tile so she can win. Needless to say how many times we’ve played truth or dare only to end up kissing each other. The last time we did, she made me write her a love letter, and when I was done she whispered into my ears while tickling it with her tongue, “You still have it in you, don’t ever give it up.” Her kitchen skills are bad, but she is willing to learn; she now makes perfect omelet. She always tells me about the over-pampering love her parents showered her with while growing up. She claims that’s her only regret, “I am just learning to do things by myself”. We argue a lot, especially about soccer, she is an annoying Chelsea fan; her twitter handle is @DilaMuorinho. She hardly follows back, don’t waste your time trying to search her out, she is just a rude girl. Whenever I err, she will rage “you must be mad”, yet she is inviting me for a pillow fight the next minute.

She prays with me when I am scared about the future, and walks me to a bar thereafter, “that’s my nigga, drink away your fears. Let’s get wasted.” She is wicked in beautiful ways; she bites me while kissing and punches me hard while massaging my back. She is terribly adorable. I have fallen in love again, but I can’t bring myself to agree with what my heart is screaming for. Another relationship. Yesterday I joked about how much I love her, okay I meant it, but I was scared that being serious will spike her. She gave an astute answer, “I am a lot of bad things and you are a lot of good things. Give your heart to a woman more deserving.”

So, I can’t decipher Dila’s response. I sincerely hope it’s not the undesirable, because the truth is, I AM IN LOVE WITH DILA, DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE WITH HER. Shall I pursue and possess or risk it all by doing nothing? Time will tell.

To be continued….

Written by Femi Fragile

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  1. I can’t wait for the next episode. Mr. Fragile just got on my list of crushes!!!

  2. wooooow! This is the most organized piece i have read in a long long time. So fascinating , the simple may think its true (or is it?). I like the progression, and the artful mix of poetry. You also did a great work on your play of Contradictions as you described her xter. What blew my mind was that it passed a Deep msg with a philosophical Undertone while punctuating every paragraph with suspense. It reminds of of a piece i did yrs ago – I LOVE YOU THEN I HATE YOUhttp://www.st-princex.com/2012/06/800×600-normal-0-false-false-false-en_14.htmlGreat work mr. Fragile! i bend a knee in respect

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