Decanter of Memories – 9


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When I got home, I saw mom. She did not go to work. When she saw me she pleaded with me to forgive her. She was crying seriously, I told her that it was in Jayde’s place to forgive her.

 “I forgive you mom but I can’t trust you again and I can’t forget. You have a lot of work to do in earning my trust again. Trust is like a mirror, when it is broken…….”

Mom interrupted me, “Jessa I am ready to go to the police and tell them about the evil I did to Jayde but please let things be the way they were before.”

 “Ok mom. I got posted to Badagry.” I said flatly

Mom stood up and hugged me, “you’ll be fine.” I released myself from her arms before I replied, “not this time.” I called Mason to break the news to him. He was sad too.

    “When will you leave for Badagry?”

“I do not know, probably in two days time.” I replied.

“I am sorry baby, I wish I could do something to stop you from going but I am useless as far as this case is concerned. I will call you back, I am a little busy now.” he added.

    Mom told me that she called someone at the secretariat.

 “And?” I asked

 “Nothing can be done for now. You’ll have to go.” mom replied.

 “Okay, thanks.”

 “Jessa I feel it is fate, maybe that village in Badagry has something nice for you. That is the only explanation I can give to you right now.”

I was angry. What could a stupid village in Badagry offer me? Mom told Dad about the situation, so he called me and what Dad told me was annoying. He said that I should not complain. “You should go my dear. Fight for yourself, you depend on your mom and I a lot. It is time to grow up and take up the challenges that life throws at you.” After Dad hung up I was so angry.

After supper that night, I kept staring at my phone and Tare could not help but ask, “expecting his call?” she asked.

“Yes but he has not called and I think he is beginning to get tired of me.”

  “Calm down and stop talking nonsense. There is an explanation Jessa, do not jump into conclusions.”

Tare left  and as soon as she left, I switched off my phone in anger. I switched on my iPod and listened to music until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I switched on my phone and I received eight text messages from Mason. I was irritated, “what is his excuse?” I asked aloud.

 When I read the first message, my heart broke. Mason was hospitalized. Guilt crept over me; I was so ashamed of myself that I did not trust Mason. I dialed his number but it was switched off. I had my bath, quickly dressed up and went to his house but no one was home. I waited for a while and went back home.

I was worried and it was so frustrating that I did not know the hospital. I tried to get my mind off Mason but it was hard. I prayed silently for him to recover. I started sorting out my clothes. I thought of taking my electric kettle and toaster when I reminded myself that I was going to Badagry to ask for a rejection letter. I started unpacking again, I was so confused. I left my room in anger.

I saw Jayde and she apologized for doubting me and I told her that I had forgiven her. I told her that she had to forgive mom but she stiffened and I pleaded on behalf of mom. Jayde told me that she heard about my predicament.

 “I wanted to come over to your room yesterday but I did not know if you would welcome me.”

 “I understand. I will leave for Badagry this week to get a rejection letter.”

  Mena called and Jayde left me to answer my call. “I was posted to Badagry, to Ane community. I am supposed to be a teacher in a silly grammar school. I am so sad but I will go there and ask for a rejection letter. I am so amazed because I submitted a request letter to a school near my house. My mom thinks it is fate.”

 “I think so too.” replied Mena.

 “Fate? You think it is my Fate to be confined to a place that lacks civilization? I won’t survive my friend.”

 “We are humans Jessa and we have the ability to adapt.”

I was tired of arguing and I just had to tell Mena that she was right.

 “I’ll talk to you later Jessa” she said before hanging up.

I called Mason again but his number was still switched off and I was getting more worried. I went to his house and I met the security man, I was glad. I inquired about Mason and the man’s face stiffened.

“I don’t know if I should tell you this ma’am.”

 “Tell me what?” I asked, gesticulating.

“He has travelled.”


 “Yes, he is no longer here, he is in heaven.” he replied

I screamed my guts out, I was in a state of shock; after screaming, I fell down and I started gasping for air because it seemed like someone was cutting off my oxygen supply. The guard pleaded with me not follow Mason to heaven. He helped me up and pleaded with me to sit on the plastic chair nearby

 “My friends have finally deserted me. I hate them; they left me alone in this cruel world. Dubem promised me that she’d stay, Mason promised me the same thing but they did not keep their promises.”

“Sorry ma, please take heart I know that Oga Mason is in a better place. I hear say gold mansion dey that place.”

 “Where is his family?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

Determination swept through me and I wanted to go to Badagry and never come back until the end of my service year. Forgetting someone who gave you so much to remember was an impossible task. I did not know how I was going to cope without Mason.

Written by Kezi Angela Patrick

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  1. And you were not even there for him during his last moments because you were blinded by anger. If your phone was on, you would have been called to come to the hospital. Anger no dey born better pikin

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