‘Crux of the Matter’ Debuts This April on R2TV

 ‘Crux of the Matter’ talk show debuts on the 5th of April, 2017 on R2TV. Hosted by my humble self, Elsie Godwin, the Relationship, Dating and Sex based talk show will objectively tackle various issues bordering on relationships between men and women with interesting guests.Crux of the Matter TV Show - Elsie Godwin - Elsieisy blog

Produced by Royal Roots Communication Limited and Mind-Mastik Media Collage, the show is a thought provoking and insightful program which dissects the aforementioned issues in the Nigerian and African context with a no holds barred approach.

A lot of us would not come out to discuss sex openly in order not to be viewed as being morally bankrupt or accused of not conforming to societal norms. There is also a particular category of people who would rather discuss or give their opinions on such issues only on social media platforms, but act or speak contrary in reality.

Crux of the Matter will neither be held back by those theatrical conventions, nor swayed by other people’s perceptions, criticisms or the so-called “societal norms” as regards relationship, dating and sex. Crux of the Matter will bring to the fore sensitive issues most of us would only want to deal with in our closets.

Having being blogging for years on Relationship, Literature and Lifestyle and also hosted the show on radio for one year, I am almost very sure to be ready for any surprises and aha’ moment on TV. It gives me great joy to have these conversations in order to uplift and enlighten people.

Guests on the show will include – but will not be limited to – Celebrities, Public Influencers, Relationship Consultants, Health Advocates, Bloggers and people with first-hand experience or knowledge of whatever topic is being discussed.

Crux of the Matter, designed to enlighten and entertain both the young and old, also aims to uphold the value of family, love and acceptance in the society.

Crux of the Matter airs every Wednesday on R2TV (GoTV Channel 112) at 9:30pm (WAT).

Watch the first montage below:

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  1. Congratulations Elsie,I Felicitate with You.More Oil to your Elbow.I would be sure to WATCH.

  2. pls, remember to upload vedio on your Youtube page……………….happy belated birthday…………. much love

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