1. What Winning Women Does not do!Women are God most adorable creature, for being given the greatest responsibilty of carrying Christ (God) for 9 months in form of the holyspirit as a perfect gift for the whole world. How do you expect a Mother e.g Mary, Mother of Jesus to feel seeing all that brutality the World melted out to His Son, the torns of crown on His head, the spears that pierced through the side of His body, the 12″ metallic nails driven through His hands, the hanging on the Cross for no just reason…hmmmm, need to see the movie, ”Passion Of Chist” by Mel Gibson to fully comprehend the extreme extent of brutality of Man to God!Mary and Women are human beings.Therefore, every once in a while we cannot avoid feeling a little downcast. What with the hormones playingtricks on us and the things we have to go through on a daily basis? Well, while some women are able to shake that off that sad feeling fast, there are some women who let themselves get stuck in that negative moment which may turn the bad days into weeks, months and even years. Its a MUST don’t for winning Women.Like it or not, your bodyand mind require a certain amount of rest every singlre day, minimum 7 hours of sleep every night, if you dont an imbalance occurs in your system which is likely to turn into a cycle that can trap you in depression. Lack of sleep makes you ever so cranky and cranckiness can make you an insominiac which ultimately leads to an unhappy episodes, futher worsenng the situation. Its a No, No for Winning Women!Winning Women dont give up easilyand then then put yourself down because of it. You have that self defeating mentality making Yourself your worst enemy! Whenever things dont work for you, you give up and go into broody place where unhappiness is the in thing and wallow in unhappiness for much longer than is necessary. Winning women develops a ‘dust yourself off and try a again’ attitude is what you need to welcome into your new Life.You are living your life for other people by thinking of what other people think about You, instead of focusing on what God feels about You, He loves You most even in your worst situation.Isolation is your thing, whenever Life and situation plays a fast one on you. While it is okay to adjust something about yourself, worry less and let nothing be centred around expectations of others.Focus more on your self development mentally.Winning women dont get inconsiderate towards other people’s feelings.Winning women forgives easily.Winning women dont depend on others for daily bread.However, small get busy…for Men appreciate Women that brings to the table.Winning women are prayer personified…for Prayers and Praise answereth ALL things in faith believing in GOD always. Its is well with the You and Elsians. Blessed is the work of your hand, be a God pleaser and not Men pleasers…okidoki… That is the attitude of a winning woman! Anonymous

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