CALL FOR ENTRY: Peregrine Reads Annual Christmas Contest

CALL FOR ENTRY: Peregrine Reads Annual Christmas Contest


Want to make a difference? Want to tell your story through vivid pictures? Always wanted to do something for the children? Want to have your name in a film that can make a positive impact? Just want to be remembered as a #CHILDHERO?

Peregrine Reads (www.peregrinereads) invites participation from everyone who is enthusiastic about fostering the initiative of contributing to a good cause for children through the expression of their art, to enter for the #CHILDHERO short story contest by submitting their short story to with the submission title “#CHILDHERO short story contest”.

#CHILDHERO, more than a short story contest, is a child campaign aimed at sharing the hopes and dreams of children who through circumstances have been deprived of the best things in life.

#CHILDHERO aims to connect the dots of the overlooked lives of lost and forgotten, less-privileged, malnourished, handicapped, maltreated children.

#CHILDHERO aims at creating a child awareness that will expose the terror and dangers faced by children in the society daily and its varying social causes.

#CHILDHERO aims to support in a unique way, the causes of children among us, with the spirit of Christmas by imprinting their dreams and hopes in our hearts and awakening the spirit of responsibility from us towards the children who are our hopes for a greater tomorrow.

The winning #CHIDHERO stands a chance of getting their short story filmed by a film production team (with the consent of the winner).


  • Send in your short story to with the submission title “#CHILDHERO short story contest” alongside your name and contact details (Number and social network names and a link to your blog/website) underneath your submission.
  • Short story must be sent in through MS Word Doc format
  • Short story must be centred on a child/children
  • Short story must be between 1,500 to 4000 words. Must not exceed 4,000 words however unless it will be disqualified.
  • Characters in short story may be 6 or less but must not exceed 6.
  • Deadline for submission of entry is on the 14th of December.
  • Contest officially begins on the 15th of December
  • Means of VOTING is by comments and all contesting works remain open for comments till the 31st of December.
  • Voting officially closes by midnight of the 31st of December.

The winner of The 2015 Peregrine Reads #CHILDHERO short story contest not only stands a chance to get their work filmed but also gets an exclusive gift.

CALL FOR ENTRY: Peregrine Reads Annual Christmas Contest

Non contestants can become winners too! All you need to do is keep tweeting about the contest with the hashtag #CHILDHERO. The #CHILDHERO contest supporter with the highest retweets on twitter will be announced with the winner on the blog and at the end of the contest, will get an exclusive gift too.

For more information about the #CHILDHERO short story Christmas contest, visit

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