Post-side-chick Syndrome

The brown Pants - elsieisy blog

By Nora Oma Patrick. You see ehn, just look around you; you see some of these women that whenever their husbands laugh, they turn to look at the source of his laughter. Whenever their husbands blink, they want to know if he blinked because another... Read More

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If I were…

If I were a girl, I will not allow any boy bully me simply because I am female…If I were a girl, I won’t be robbed off my childhood whilst boys play around…If I were a girl, I wouldn’t give in to male advances or let any unruly,... Read More

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Sex Will Outlive Nigeria

Sex Will Outlive Nigeria. By Pius Adesanmi. - elsieisy blog

By Pius Adesanmi. There are very few places on earth and in the 21st century where an administration could announce casually, via a letter to the legislature, that she has decided to borrow $30 billion in foreign loans – from the IMF, the World... Read More

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Cry Whenever You Can

Cry Whenever You Can - elsieisy blog

“Women cry too much. Real men don’t cry” This narrative we live by. It has indeed made so many suppress their emotions. Man wey better cry dey hungry no go gree cry. He’d keep looking up like Jesus is giving him signs from... Read More

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