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rain - elsieisy blog festival

I opened my windows this morning

To catch a glimpse of the early morning sun

I looked toward the skies

It would surely rain soon, I said to myself

The clouds were greyish and I certainly could hear the sound of thunder

The raindrops came slowly at first and then faster rushing like a stream

I looked towards the Lagoon and watched the waters rise and the waves move

So I wondered and imagined myself walking towards the Lagoon

I am wearing a dress; my hair is let loose as I walk barefooted towards the water

I put my feet into the water while my dress is soaked from the rain drops

I am without a care in the world as I stretch my arms and I am walking deeper into the Lagoon

I raise my hands towards the skies and look towards the heavens

As I await your blessings, I stand and wait while the tide comes and carries me higher

Like a long lost lover carrying his beloved

I am swept off my feet and as the water kisses my cheeks

I am lost in its embrace and slowly sinking under its strong currents.

Eseosa is an aspiring poet and writer. She loves reading and telling stories She is a mixture of an introvert and extrovert She likes writing about life, words that can inspire people to be better and to also encourage them –

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